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Spring-Fresh Flavors for April! Newest Thai Recipes

Mango Sticky Rice Dessert

Spring is here and our taste-buds are awakening. For new flavors and fresh ingredients cooked up in enlivening ways, try one of these new Thai dishes and enjoy the best in fresh spring eating! (shown: Thai Mango Sticky Rice Pudding).

More Fresh Spring Dishes:
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Pork Beautiful Flavor! - Exquisite Pork Chops Recipe

Saturday April 19, 2014

Thai pork chops with mango Spring is a time of newness and that includes new tastes and fresh flavors. Instead of boring old pork chops with applesauce, check out this exquisite recipe: Thai Pork Chops with Mango ! This Thai version of pork chops is simple to make and SOooo delicious. Replacing the usual applesauce is fresh mango combined in a tangy Thai sauce that makes this dish sing with flavor. The chops are easily baked in the oven, and the accompanying sauce can be made as they bake. Turns ordinary pork chops into a fresh-tasting gourmet delight that is just light and bright as spring sunshine. ENJOY! (photo by D. Schmidt)

Dessert Exotic Treat! - Take a Culinary Trip to the Tropics

Friday April 18, 2014

Sweeten up your week by taking a culinary trip to the tropics!  These Thai Dessert Recipes carry with them the alluring taste of the exotic.  Scrumptious, bright as summer sunshine, plus they're low enough in calories to get you fit for swim suit season ahead.  Thai desserts are naturally lactose-free, gluten, and lower in fat than most Western-style desserts while remaining high in flavor, texture, and taste, so you can have your cake and eat it too. Look out summer, here we come! (pictured: Thai Tapioca-Coconut Dessert, photo & recipe by D. Schmidt)

Stir Fry Sizzling Flavors! - Best Stir-Fry

Thursday April 17, 2014

On a cool spring day like this, the evening meal needs to be warm and appealing, providing a taste of spring freshness in every bite. A good stir-fry fits this description beautifully, with taste-bud awakening flavors that put a smile on my face. These Best Thai Stir Fry Recipes fit the bill precisely. These dishes combine the 'big 4 flavors' of Thai cuisine - sweet, sour, spicy, and salty - in fresh and exciting ways. Perfect for spring with all its newness. Happy spring eating everyone! (pictured: Thai Stir-Fried Ginger Chicken with Vegetables) ENJOY! (recipe by D.Schmidt)

Shrimp Spring-Fresh! - Thai Shrimp to Celebrate Spring

Wednesday April 16, 2014

Celebrate spring by indulging in a fresh taste experience. These Thai Shrimp Recipes will give you fresh, flavorful shrimp that tastes light and delicious as spring itself. And they're not difficult to make (you can cook up this yummy shrimp lettuce wrap dish in under 30 minutes). So try one of these superb recipes for dinner tonight or as a finger food treat - just pair with wine or your favorite drink and ENJOY! (Shown: Thai Shrimp Lettuce Wraps, photo & recipe by D. Schmidt)

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