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Hottest Summer Dishes! - Enjoy Your Tastiest Summer Ever

Thai Great Grilled Chicken!

For the boldest & best flavors on the planet, try one of these hot summer Thai dishes and make this your tastiest summer yet! (shown: Thai Ultimate Grilled Chicken).

Thai Summer Favorites:
Thai Food Spotlight10

Thai Greatest Grilled Chicken

This Thai grilled chicken dish is simply exquisite. First the chicken is drenched in a herb/spice/sauce mixture which is left to marinate at least an hour before grilling. It's then served up with a simple condiment and fresh coriander for the ultimate summer grilling dish. The grilled chicken tradition in Thailand is long and rich, and you can find dishes like this being grilled over outdoor braziers and simple grilled set over charcoal in iron pots. When I was in Thailand I found my favorite food was cooked right on the beach by a woman who toted her portable kitchen in a little wagon back and forth from her house everyday to sell to passers-by. I love that about Thai food - it's so simple, yet so flavorful. Hope you enjoy this true Thai street dish as much as my family does.

Thai Salad in 10 Minutes

This Thai salad has loads of crunch and flavor, and the best part is how easy it is to make it - you can toss it up in just 10 minutes! I serve this dish as a tasty side salad to any meal, and I also find it excellent served alongside grilled fish and chicken. Add as much or as little chili as you like - it's delicious mild or spicy. And incidentally, some of my readers have found this salad has helped them shed a few pounds. I believe it's because of the fat-free dressing and the fact that it's so flavorful, you feel completely satisfied despite the low number of calories. Perfect for swim suit season!

Thai Salad with Grilled Garlic-Chili Shrimp

Imagine crisp summer greens topped with succulent Thai garlic-chili infused shrimp, all tossed up with a tangy Thai dressing. This magic concoction is marvelously simple to make yet impressive to serve. Wonderful on its own, or paired with your favorite white wine. I love to serve this dish for lunch or as a special tapas plate in the evening. The shells of the shrimp can be left on for easier grilling and here's a great tip: cooking them in the shell helps to keep all those succulent juices that make shrimp taste so good. A perfect summer dish, and easy as a summer breeze to make. Enjoy!

Thai Top 10 Recipes!

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Thai Shrimp Fried Rice with Cashews

This Thai rice delights the senses and brims with taste. In Thailand shrimp fried rice is a common street food that's eaten either on its own or alongside other dishes. I make it as a solo dish because it literally has everything you need along with everything you could want - taste, freshness, and lots of zing. Add as much spice (heat) as you prefer, or serve it with my authentic Thai chili sauce - either way this dish is bound to please one and all.

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