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All About Mangosteen: How to Buy & Prepare Fresh Mangosteen Fruit


Thai Mangosteen Fruit

With fresh Mangosteen fruit now available for the first time in the US, many people are wondering what this fruit is, exactly. If you'd like to learn more about mangosteen fruit, check out my All About Mangosteen. This quick how-to article will tell you everything you need to know about Mangosteen fruit, including how to choose ripe mangosteens as well as how to prepare them, plus mangosteen recipe links. Fresh Mangosteen is well worth shopping for - look for it at your local Asian markets or grocery stores. This special Thai fruit is incredibly delicious and is also one of the healthiest fruit you can eat, offering numerous health benefits in the form of antioxidants - both the fruit itself and the skin are potent disease-fighters. So find out how to prepare this amazing, exotic-tasting fruit and then go get your hands on some today! (photo by D.Schmidt)

Use Your Fresh Mangosteen to Make a Special Dessert: Scrumptious Mangosteen Clafouti!

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