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Thai Cooking Tips & Menus

Find Thai cooking tips and menu ideas to help you cook up the perfect Thai meal for family and friends.
  1. How to Prepare Thai Fruit (12)

All About Lime Leaf (also known as Kaffir Lime Leaf)
Lime Leaves are a key ingredient in many Thai dishes as well as other Southeast-Asian cuisines. Learn more about this aromatic leaf which adds so much flavor and freshness to Thai curries, soups, and stir-fries!

What is Shrimp Paste? + Substitutions & Recipes
Find out more about shrimp paste, which is a common Thai and Southeast-Asian cooking ingredient: where to buy it, how to cook with it, and learn about substitutions for those who are vegetarian or who don't like the fishy smell of shrimp paste. Also learn more about health issues and the calorie content of fish sauce.

Thai Cooking Ingredients and Cookware Shopping
Online shopping for Thai cooking ingredients and cookware made simple at the Temple of Thai - your one stop shopping for non stop cooking.

Shopping for Thai Ingredients at An Asian Market
What is galangal? What do I do with Kaffir lime leaves? Where can I find lemongrass? Shopping for Thai ingredients in an Asian market can be a daunting experience if you don't know what to look for and where to find it. This page will take you through the labyrinth of Thai specialty ingredients and foodstuff in a typical Asian market.

Spice up Your Holidays with Bright & Flavorful Thai Food!

Spice up your holidays with these Christmas recipes from the Thai kitchen!  Thai food is bright, colorful, and oh so delicious, making for some of the best side dishes and finger foods for your holiday table.  Here's to a delicious Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

How to Cook with a Clay Pot
This clay pot cooking lesson will teach you how to use a clay pot to make an array of Thai, Chinese, or other Asian dishes. Clay pot cooking is easy and fast, and also saves electricity.

What is the Difference Between Thai Curries, Red, Yellow, and Green?
Find out the real difference between Thai curries: red, yellow, and green. The ingredients in these curries varies according to the particular chef preparing them, although traditionally there was very little difference between them. Read on to find out more!

How to Cook with Banana Leaf
Banana leaves serve many purposes in Asian cooking, from adding flavor to foods cooked inside them, to simply being used as a colorful and exotic background for serving-plates and party platters. Banana leaves are beautiful, fun to use, and easy to cook with! Find out how to buy banana leaves, how to cook with them, how to decorate your platters with them, and how to store extra banana leaves for use next time.

How to Cook with Lemongrass
Lemongrass is an essential ingredient in Thai cooking. Find out how to purchase lemongrass, and how to prepare it for use in Thai food. Learn how to add lemongrass to your recipes, and even how to grow it in your garden!

The Thai Kitchen
Furnish your kitchen with the right utensils for Thai cooking. You'll be surprised - you may already have many of these implements.

What is Curry Sauce? + How to Use it, How to Make it
Curry sauce explained, including what's in curry sauce, how you can use it, and how to make it. If you're interested in expanding your culinary knowledge or skills, you'll definitely want to explore all the various types of curry sauces and how to use them in your cooking. These days, curry has become an international dish that is served in...

Specialty Thai Cooking Ingredients
More Thai Cooking Ingredients - some of the special ones you may not have heard of, but you will want to incorporate to get the most out of your Thai cooking experience.

Preparation is Everything
Thai cooking tips. The importance of getting ingredients ready ahead of time in Thai cooking.

Thai Cooking Tips
Check out these cooking tips to make your culinary exploration of Thailand a little easier.

Key Thai Herbs and Spices
What is galangal, and is there any substitution? This is just one of the key herbs and spices indispensable to Thai cooking. Read about this and other key Thai cooking ingredients.

Thai Cooking Videos
Watch and learn how to make a variety of favorite Thai dishes with these fun-to-watch cooking videos from About.com!

Create a Thai-style Barbecue Party for Family and Friends!
Create a barbecue party for your friends and family with my sizzling-hot Thai menu planner. You'll get suggestions for scrumptious Thai appetizers, and learn how to make real Thai satay. Also find an easy vegetable side dish (cooked on the BBQ) that is healthy & delicious. Add a cool Thai dessert to the menu, and you have a Thai BBQ party that is refreshingly new, exciting, and taste-sensational!

Thai Barbecue Recipes
These fantastic barbecue recipes from the Thai kitchen are fragrant and bursting with flavor! You'll love the chicken satay recipe (better than any restaurant satay I've tried!). Also includes barbecue recipes for salmon, chicken breast, prawn skewers, vegetables and more. So fire up the barbecue and throw a barbecue party for friends (or just...

Romantic Recipes from the Thai Kitchen
Whether you're cooking for your mate or that new special someone in your life, these romantic recipes are both sensual and beautiful to serve. With its exquisite mingling of flavors and textures, as well as its spicy overtones, Thai makes for the ultimate romantic dinner. In fact, Thai cuisine was recently voted as the number one choice for...

Throw a Thai Dinner Party! - Planning a Thai Menu
Plan an exotic Thai dinner for family, friends, or a special loved one. This Thai menu provides plenty of Thai recipes, including Vegetarian dishes, incorporating the four key Thai seasonings. Includes cooking tips and make-ahead instructions. Plus, learn how to put together a simple, but beautiful Thai-style centerpiece that will set an exotic and tropical Thai mood for your party!

Setting the Table - And the Mood!
Do the Thais use chopsticks, or fork and knife? Learn how to set a Thai table, create the right atmosphere, plus other Thai dinner party ideas.

Top Thai Appetizers & Party Foods!
For a refreshing change of pace, why not create some Thai food for your next party or gathering. Thai is now the most popular of all world cuisines, and for good reason. Your guests will be impressed by the fragrance, flavors, and variety of textures that combine to create a taste explosion with every biteful of these Thai delights!

Creating a Thai Centerpiece
Go exotic with a Thai-inspired centerpiece for your dinner party, and complete the authentic Thai dining experience with candles, scents and flowers!

Creating Thai Chilli Flowers
"Palace style" Thai food refers to the elegant presentation of dishes prepared for the King of Siam. Carved fruit and vegetables, used to garnish serving platters (and sometimes to be included in the dish itself), is just one example of this style. Learn how to create your own beautiful Thai chilli flowers by following these simple instructions.

How to Make Banana Leaf Boats for Cooking or Serving
Learn all about cooking with banana leaves! This step-by-step guide shows you how to buy banana banana leaf, and how to make banana leaf boats for cooking or beautiful Asian food presentation. Banana leaf can be steamed, baked, or used in grilling on the barbecue - or simply cut a piece and use it for serving.

Celebrate the Stars in Your Life with a "Hot" Thai-menu Oscar Party!
According to a recent men's magazine, Thai food was rated the sexiest new cuisine. With its sensual array of flavors and spices, Thai makes a "hot" party food, and is the perfect choice for hosting an Oscar party for your friends. So why not celebrate the stars in your life with this Oscar party planner, complete with menu options paired with...

Thai Mango Passion Cocktail
Looking for an easy cocktail recipe for your next party? Try my superb party drink: Thai Mango Passion Cocktail. This recipe is very easy to put together, but is so fantastic, it will make you look like a pro! A perfect party drink to enjoy any time of year, evoking images of a tropical beach paradise. Cheers!

Thai-spiced Glazed Nuts
These easy glazed cashews have the sweet, spicy, and salty Thai combination of flavors that makes them hard to resist. Other types of nuts will work with this recipe too, including walnuts and peacans. Perfect for parties, especially during the holidays, these candied nuts make an easy snack or side dish - great with beer or wine at a cocktail party. Make up a batch of these easy glazed nuts and keep them around for unexpected company - or just for you!

Thanksgiving Day Dinner Menu Ideas
Tired of turkey and mashed potatoes? Then try one of these delicious Thai recipe alternatives! From Roast Lemongrass Chicken to Pumpkin Custard dessert, you'll find some refreshing-different Thanksgiving Day recipes in this list. Great for a Thanksgiving Day dinner party!

Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes (Vegetarian/Vegan, plus Gluten an…
These Vegetarian Thanksgiving Day recipes from the Thai kitchen are delicious and beautiful to serve. Thai cuisine offers an abundance of color in every dish that naturally compliments the colors of autumn. Find everything from appetizers to soup and main course, plus vegan desserts that are sure to please both the eye and the taste-buds. ...

Top 10 Recipes for Fall
When the weather starts to turn cooler, Thai food is just the thing to warm you up and help chase away those nasty cold and flu viruses. Find just the right recipe, from soups and appetizers to hot curries and warm desserts. Also find recipes incorporating seasonal vegetables, like pumpkin and squash, which are healthy and nutritious this time...

Thai Recipe Photos
A photo gallery displaying some of the best Thai dishes on the About.com Thai Food site. Includes the recipe for each dish which you can easily cook at home with clear, step-by-step instructions.

The Food of Love: Planning a Valentine's Day Thai Dinner for Two
What is the food of love? Thai food, of course. Thai is now the cuisine of choice for most American "first date" couples. It is also the fastest growing food in North America in terms of popularity. So what is it about Thai food that's so hot? Find out with this romantic stay-at-home Valentine's Day Thai menu. It's sure to make you fall in...

Frighteningly Delicious Halloween Recipes from the Thai Kitchen!
These special Halloween recipes are great for serving at a Halloween party or get-together. From soup to dessert, you'll find these Halloween recipes are scary-delicious! Pumpkin is featured in most of the recipes, either used whole or cut up and incorporated into the dish. So go ahead and find the right Halloween recipe for you and your...

Make Your Mom a Special Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner!
This Mother's Day Menu is sure to put a smile on your mother's face! She'll love all of these special recipes from the Thai kitchen, so just pick and choose the ones that appeal to you. Making a Mother's Day brunch, lunch, or dinner at home is far better than taking your mom to one of those crowded restaurants where everything is overpriced...

Leftover Turkey or Chicken Recipes from the Thai Kitchen
After a big holiday meal - or anytime you have roast turkey or chicken - there are always a lot of leftovers. So why not do something refreshing different with them and make up one of these delicious and nutritious Thai dishes? From soup and salad to fresh rolls and curry, you'll find a variety of recipes to use up those turkey or chicken...

Halloween Recipes from the Thai Kitchen
These special Thai recipes are great for serving at a Halloween get-together or dinner party. From soup to dessert, you'll find every one of these Halloween recipes is scary-delicious! Pumpkin is featured in most of the recipes, either used whole or cut up and incorporated into the dish. So go ahead and find the right Halloween recipe for you and your fellow goblins. Happy Halloween!

No Time to Make Thai Food from Scratch? Order Thai curry pastes and s
Are you craving a nice homemade Thai curry, but don't have the time or inclination to make it from scratch? Consider ordering the basics online. Keep a selection of authentic Thai curry sauces on hand for delicious last-minute meals, or for those days when cooking comes second to things you'd rather be doing.

Memorial Day Recipes
For Memorial Day Weekend, nothing beats a cookout. Memorial Day weekend officially kicks off the outdoor cooking season, and what could be a better celebration of summer than some tropical Thai dishes? Thai says summer with every mouthful, and when it comes to grilling, nothing could be tastier than Thai grilled chicken, satay, or fish. Here's...

Thai Coconut Recipes
The flavor of coconut evokes images of a tropical paradise and that wonderful warm-weather feeling of being on vacation. For the best coconut recipes, look no further than Thai cuisine, which offers numerous coconut recipes, from soups that call for coconut milk to coconut curry, as well as numerous coconut dessert recipes. Whether you're in the mood for a coconut-inspired recipe, or looking for…

What is Satay? (plus Satay Recipe!)
Learn all about satay - what it is and how you make it. If you like Asian food, trying some real satay is a must!

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