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Frighteningly Delicious Halloween Party Food from the Thai Kitchen!

Create a Halloween Dinner Party!


Check out these special Halloween recipes which are perfect for serving at a Halloween party or get-together. From soup to dessert, you'll find these Halloween recipes are scary-delicious! Pumpkin is featured in many of the recipes, as is corn and other fall vegetables. So go ahead and find the right Halloween recipes for you and your fellow goblins. Happy Halloween!

1. Starter: Easy Thai Squash Soup

Thai Squash Soup
This Thai squash soup makes a perfect appetizer or main course for your Halloween get-together. It's also surprisingly easy to put together, and can easily be made vegetarian. Serves it with the squash in chunks, or blend to create a smooth soup (as in picture). Includes instructions for serving it in a pumpkin or pumpkin-like squash. Hope you enjoy it!

2. Starter: Corn Fritters (Vegetarian/Gluten-free)

Delicious Corn Fritters (Vegetarian / gluten-free)
These scrumptious corn fritters are a real Halloween treat. They're fun to eat, plus they just happen to be vegetarian plus gluten free. The corn fritter batter takes only minutes to stir together, then just drop spoonfuls into hot oil for a few minutes. Terrific as an appetizer, snack, or finger food for your party. Enjoy!

3. Starter: Thai Pumpkin Coconut Soup

Thai Pumpkin Soup
Copyright Darlene A. Schmidt, 11/23/09
This fabulous pumpkin soup is healthy, flavorful, and mood enhancing! Perfect for a halloween get-together, this warming soup can also be made vegan/gluten-free (see link within recipe).

4. Main Course: Colorful Pumpkin Curry (Vegan/Gluten-free)

Colorful Pumpkin Curry
This vegetarian curry offers the bright colours of fall - orange, yellow, and red - together in a curry infused with citrus accents. You'll love the unique taste of this curry, as well as its healthy combination of vegetables, including pumpkin or squash, yam/sweet potato, carrots, yellow bell pepper, and cherry tomatoes. Add chick peas as a protein source, then finish the dish with a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds and nasturium flowers for a gourmet curry recipe that's as beautiful as it is delicious. Makes a nice main course dish for a Halloween or fall dinner party.

5. Dessert: Black Pudding (Vegan/Gluten-free)

Black Sesame Dessert
This scrumptious Asian dessert is low-fat, low-carb., and low-sodium. What makes this pudding black are black sesame seeds, which are naturally sweet and have a deliciously unique flavor. They are also very healthy, being an excellent source of calcium, iron, magnesium, protein, and essential fatty acids (EFA). Thai influence on this traditional Chinese dessert can be found in the addition of coconut milk and peanuts. Makes a scary-delicious Halloween dessert!

6. Dessert: Pumpkin Custard (Gluten-free)

Thai Pumpkin Custard
This custard is spectacular to look at, and wonderful to eat. Makes a great Halloween dessert recipe, and a nice alternative to pumpkin pie. Don't be put off by the long baking time - it's actually a really easy recipe to make. A small pumpkin (or pumpkin-like squash) is filled with an easy Thai custard (a healthier and lower calorie version than traditional custard). Serve warm with a splash of maple syrup and/or brandy and ENJOY!

7. Halloween Treat: Scary Eyeballs! (Vegan/Gluten-free)

Scary Eyeballs Halloween Treat
This Halloween recipe for "Scary Eyeballs" is fun to make and delicious to eat. And unlike most treats, this Halloween recipe is also exceptionally healthy (they're even gluten-free)! Black sesame seed is the key ingredient, which is valued for its vitamins and minerals. You can either buy the black sesame seed or purchase some black sesame paste ready-made (both are available at Asian/Chinese food stores). Your kids will love the sensation of holding these eyeballs, which feel terrifyingly realistic. ENJOY!

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