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Wheat Gluten


Wheat Gluten

Making Thai "Beef" Fresh Rolls with Wheat Gluten (see link for recipe below)

Definition: Wheat Gluten, also known as "Seitan", is a kind of imitation meat that has been used for centuries by Buddhist monks. Today, many vegetarians are discovering wheat gluten as an excellent substitute for chicken, beef, and even seafood. Usually it is already flavored for you as "chicken" or "beef", and comes in strips (great for stir-frying!) or "cutlets". Look for it in the fresh deli section or organic/vegetarian deli section of your local grocery store, or health food/organic store. Wheat gluten provides most of the nutrients of meat, including protein, making it a great choice for vegetarian recipes. Try it in any of my Thai curries, stir-fries, and other recipes.
Pronunciation: Wheat Gloo-ten
Also Known As: Seitan, Vital Wheat Gluten
Yesterday I cooked a vegetarian Thai noodle dish with wheat gluten instead of chicken.

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