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Mangosteen Fruit


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Step #1: What is Mangosteen and Where Do You Buy it?
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Step #1: Buying & preparing mangosteen fruit: Mangosteen is an amzing tropical fruit that is easy to recognize. It's roughly the size of a tennis ball, the skin deep purple and very firm - more like a shell than skin. It has a stem with firm leaves that looks like a little cap.

Where to Buy it? When in season, mangosteen can be purchased at many Asian fruit markets/stores. In Canada it is fairly easy to find, especially in the West - just ask your local Chinese/Asian food grocer. In the US, mangosteen has only recently been made legal to sell, so it may still be a challenge to locate. However, it IS out there (I have a friend who recently found it in a New York Chinatown market). Otherwise, I suggest ordering from Import Foods - Fresh Mangosteen Delivered to Your Door.

Mangosteen Benefits: Mangosteen fruit is becoming known for its antioxidants and mico-nutrients. I try to eat the fruit whenever possible, and also take 2 Tbsp. Mangosteen juice daily with my evening meal for its wonderful antioxidants as well as its calming effect on my nervous system. Also, when I eat mangosteen or take the juice, I notice I no longer crave sweets like I used to. For more on the health benefits of mangosteen, see: Mangosteen Research.

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