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Thai Cooking Basics


Cooking Thai food can be complicated or easy, depending on your knowledge of the basic ingredients, cooking techniques, and how a Thai menu is put together. You'll find all of this useful information here, plus you'll learn some helpful Thai cooking tips, as well as background information on Thai food & culture, and how the two intermingle.
  1. Thai Food Ingredients
  2. Equipment/Cooking Techniques
  3. Thai Cooking Tips
  1. Menu Planning: Staying in / Dining Out
  2. Thai Food & Culture
  3. Thai Cookbooks & Resources

Thai Food Ingredients

Thai Red Chilies (

Once you're familiar with the basic ingredients of Thai cuisine, you'll be able to cook dozens of tantalizing Thai recipes without a hitch. While some Thai food ingredients are familiar, others are strangely exotic and require a closer look. Find out more about these ingredients, including what they look like, and where you can purchase them. Also, learn about common Thai fruit and how to prepare them, including fresh papaya, mango, pineapple, mangosteen, and more!

Equipment/Cooking Techniques

Green Curry Paste with Coconut Milk in Wok

Find out what you will need to create wonderful Thai dishes. Plus, learn some nifty cooking techniques that will make your Thai food look and taste truly authentic!

Thai Cooking Tips


Learn a few savvy cooking tips that will make your Thai cooking extra easy - and extra delicious too!

Menu Planning: Staying in / Dining Out

Thai Mock Oysters Appetizer

Whether you're planning to cook up a Thai dinner party for your friends, or need some advice on dining out, you'll want to check out these useful articles. Includes menus for special occasions such as Oscar night or Valentine's Day, as well as barbecue/cookout ideas. So go ahead - get inspired, and then get eating!

Thai Food & Culture

thai food and culture

Find out a little more about Thai food and how it relates to Thai culture. Also, take a "culinary tour" and learn about how Thai cooking varies from region to region.

Thai Cookbooks & Resources

Thai cookbooks

Discover the right Thai cookbook for you (or as a gift for a friend)! Plus find other resources such as cookware shopping links, buying curry pastes, etc...

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