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Cookbooks & Resources

Want to know more about Thai cooking, or where to get Thai ingredients? Here are some books and resources you may want to look at.

Recipe Book Review - "Simply Thai Cooking"
A book with a wealth of easy-to-follow recipes for the beginner and more experienced cook wishing to try out Thai cuisine.

Recipe Book Review - "The Best of Regional Thai Cuisine"
"The Best of Regional Thai Cuisine" by Chat Mingkwan is an excellent resource for those who are seriously interested in expanding their knowledge of Thai cuisine.

Recipe Book Review - "Thai Home Cooking"
Discover a Thai recipe book that is excellent both for beginners and more advanced cooks.

Recipe Book Review - "Cracking the Coconut"
Discover this exciting gourmet Thai food recipe book.

Book Review - Bangkok Inside Out
This book by Daniel Ziv & Guy Sharett provides a virtual tour of Bangkok, including markets and eateries. Provides an interesting introduction to modern Thailand and Thai culture.

No Time to Make Thai Food from Scratch? Order Thai curry pastes and stir-fry...
Are you craving a nice homemade Thai curry, but don't have the time or inclination to make it from scratch? Consider ordering the basics online. Keep a selection of authentic Thai curry sauces on hand for delicious last-minute meals, or for those days when cooking comes second to things you'd rather be doing.

Asian Food Grocers
Asian food specialist for all ingredients required in Asian food cooking recipes, including Thai cuisine.

Thai Food & Travel: Eating & Cooking in Thailand
Find out how to take a culinary tour of Thailand with this great Thai travel resource. If you're a Thai food fan, plan your trip to Thailand accordingly - with great food in mind. Or plan to take cooking classes - there are lots of options available. Check it out and have a great trip to paradise!?

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