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Thai Stir Fry Recipes

Stir-frying is a wonderful way to cook, as it allows all of the nutrients to remain in the pan. And Thai stir-fries are among the best in the world - flavorful, fresh, and zinging with taste. Give one of these delicious stir fry recipes a try for dinner tonight!

Best Thai Stir-Fry Recipes - in one place!
Find an array of delicious Thai stir-fry recipes all in one place - from vegetable (and vegetarian) stir-fries to chicken, shrimp, and seafood stir-fries. All of these recipes are extremely healthy in addition to being scrumptiously good. Enjoy!

Thai Lime Chicken Stir-Fry
This chicken stir-fry is my favorite! Like most Thai stir-fries, it cooks up really quickly once you have all the ingredients ready. This recipe features the flavor of lime - both lime juice and lime leaf. Lime leaves are an essential part of this stir-fry, so don't skimp on them. You can buy kaffir lime leaves at most Asian/Chinese food...

Beautiful Thai Chicken Stir-Fry Recipes!
For amazing chicken stir-fry, take a look through these tantalizing Thai Chicken Stir Fry Recipes! Thai stir-fries cook up quickly once you have all the ingredients ready. And as a bonus, these chicken stir-fries include vegetables, so you get everything you need in one dish. Just add rice on the side and dinner's ready! ENJOY!

Classic Thai Cashew Chicken Stir-Fry
Thai Cashew Chicken is a stir fried dish that came to Thailand via the Chinese. Made with lean chicken breast, shiitake mushrooms and other vegetables, this Thai food recipe is both healthy and delicious. Enjoy it with whole grain or white Thai jasmine-scented rice for a nutritious and satisfying meal.

Thai Basil Pork Stir Fry (Gaprao Moo Kai Daao)
If you're a fan of authentic Thai street food, you must try this wonderful Thai Basil Pork Stir Fry. It's classic Thai at its tastiest. Usually it is made with ground pork, but nearly any type of pork can be used Serve this stir fry with plenty of plain rice to balance its powerful Thai flavors, acccompany with a cold lager, and you'll soon be...

Easy Thai Beef & Broccoli Stir-Fry
This Thai Beef & Broccoli Stir-Fry is even more delicious than the Chinese version of the same recipe, with more depth of flavor and slightly more spice (this can be adjusted according to your liking). The beef is cut thin and stir-fry quickly and easily together with broccoli, onion, garlic, red pepper, and a delicious stir-fry sauce. The...

Stir-Fry Bok Choy in Thai Garlic Sauce (Vegan-friendly recipe)
This bok choy stir fry is terrific to serve as a side vegetable dish - or add tofu or your choice of chicken, pork, or seafood for a delicious mixed stir fry dish. With a rich garlic taste, the stir fry sauce recipe is easy to make and goes well with other vegetable dishes, such as stir fry broccoli or Chinese vegetables such as baby bok choy,...

Easy Mango Chicken Stir-Fry
This new, easier version of Mango Chicken is fun to make and so absolutely delicious, you'll want to serve it the next time you have guests. The key to this recipe is finding fully ripe mangoes - you will need at least 2, preferably 3. What makes it easier than the usual mango chicken is the lack of breading/deep-frying, which - thanks to the...

Thai Vegetable Stir-Fry (Vegetarian/Vegan)
Most vegetable stir-fries are a tad on the boring side, but not this one! This dish sings with so much flavor, you'll forget all about its amazing health benefits (plus it's vegetarian and vegan too!). Using a good stir-fry sauce one of the keys to creating a great veggie stir-fry; the other is in the stir-frying - knowing when to add what. At...

Thai Sweet & Sour Shrimp (Easy!)
This Sweet & Sour Chicken recipe is a family favorite at our house, plus it's easy to make because you don't have to bread and fry the chicken - it's all stir-fried up together and believe me, the taste is so good, you won't mind the breading one bit. Most restaurants color their sweet & sour dishes to get that deep red hue, but I find it's just...

Thai Basil Chicken Stir-Fry
If you've enjoyed Thai Basil Chicken at your local Thai/Asian restaurants and eateries, try this wonderful homemade recipe! Once all your fresh ingredients are ready, this dish cooks up in just minutes. Basil chicken is one of the most popular Thai dishes, both in Thailand and here in North America, offering spicy flavors that mingle...

Thai Ginger Chicken Stir-Fry
This easy yet exquisite stir-fry can be whipped up quickly which makes it great for weeknights, and you can substitute your own choice of vegetables depending on what's fresh and available at your local supermarket. In Thailand they would use Thai ginger - 'galangal' - which is similar to our ginger but slightly sweeter and less pungent. I find regular ginger works just as well and it's easier to come by. Add as much or as little chili as you prefer - I have even made this recipe without any chili at all (for kids); it can also be made with pork instead of chicken. And the stir-fry sauce can be made ahead of time, or you can make extra and keep it in the refrigerator for future stir-fries. ENJOY!

Easy Chicken Stir-Fry with Vegetables
Stir-fry chicken is easy to make if you start with the right stir-fry sauce. Add a few crunchy vegetables to the mix and you have a delicious dinner to serve your family - nutritious too! This is a good basic recipe for chicken stir-fry that you can either make as is, or embellish by adding your own choice of vegetables as well as toppings. ...

Chinese Broccoli Stir-Fried in Oyster & Garlic Sauce
This Chinese Broccoli recipe is so simple and delicious! In Thailand, vegetable stir-fries tend to be Chinese in origin (Chinese cooking is a huge influence). If you can't find Chinese broccoli, broccoli rabe (rapini) is a close relative that may be easier to come by. Regular broccoli can also be used.

Thai Lettuce Wraps
For a fresh taste experience, try these scrumptious Thai lettuce wraps! They make dinner a whole lot of fun, plus they're super-nutritious too. The filling is easily stir-fried and you can use any of your favorite lettuces, although I've found iceberg works the best for its natural bowl-like shape. For even less fuss, you can buy prepared lettuce for wraps at your local supermarket deli. I've also included some topping suggestions for you to try as well as vegetable substitutions, so you can make these wraps up with nearly any of your fresh veg. and pantry supplies. Enjoy them tonight for a fresh-as-spring taste you'll love.

Thai Tamarind Chicken Stir-Fry
Most Thai recipes are a combination of sweet, sour, and spicy, and this recipe is the epitome of this delectable description, although you can choose to make the dish mild (without chillies) and it will still be darkly wonderful and rich-tasting. Stir-fried with plenty of fresh shiitake mushrooms, this savory chicken dish will satisfy even the...

Thai Vegetable Stir-Fry
Making a good vegetable stir fry is a kind of work of art. The stir-fry sauce that you use must be flavorful enough to enhance the vegetables (without overpowering them), and the kinds of vegetables you use makes a difference in the way it tastes. The best veggies are the ones that will absorb the sauce. I've listed some of my favorites in...

Sweet and Sour Stir-Fry Chicken (Easy & Low-Fat!)
This Sweet & Sour Chicken recipe is a family favorite at our house, plus it's easy to make because you don't have to bread and fry the chicken - it's all stir-fried up together and believe me, the taste is so good, you won't mind the breading one bit. Most restaurants color their sweet & sour dishes to get that deep red hue, but I find it's just...

Seafood Mango Stir Fry
This tangy mango stir fry is a seafood treat! Various types of seafood of your choice (fish fillets, mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops, etc...) are stir fried together with snow peas and red pepper in a sweet and sour sauce that marries perfectly with fresh mango (or you can use frozen or canned mango if you can't find fresh).

Thai Vegetable Stir-Fry (Vegan/gluten free)
This Thai Tofu Vegetable Stir-Fry is easy to make and brimming with flavor! The stir-fry sauce is what makes this dish sing - a combination of coconut milk, soy sauce, lime, and chili. The recipe is also quite flexible, allowing you to add your own choice of vegetables depending on what you have on hand, or what is readily available where you...

Stir-Fried Thai Lettuce Wraps
This Thai recipe for lettuce wraps is quick and easy to make. It's also a fun dish to eat, either as an appetizer or main course. Serve the filling on a platter with whole iceburg lettuce leaves on the side, and let your friends and family wrap their own. They'll love the combination of crisp, cold lettuce with the warm, flavorful filling!

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps
These Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps are delightfully fresh and tantalizingly tasty! You will love the combination of warm filling with the crisp, cold wrap of lettuce (cabbage can be used too!). When it comes to lettuce wraps, the filling is everything, and this Thai version is especially good, made with lightly marinated chicken which is...

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps (with Crispy Noodle Topping)
These delicious chicken lettuce wraps are flavorful and fun to eat. The key to delicious lettuce wraps is all in the stir-fry sauce, and this recipe ensures you'll have plenty of saucy chicken filling to create yummy wraps. The addition of mint or fresh basil is the final note that makes this dish sing. And for fun, I've included an optional...

Orange Chicken Stir-Fry
This Orange Chicken Stir Fry recipe is beautiful, healthy, and delicious. It's also an easy stir fry to make. Includes a variety of vegetables, or use whatever you happen to have on hand. A generous handful of cashews adds some crunch, and a little fresh coriander or basil sprinkled over provides that final Thai touch. ENJOY!

Easy Thai Stir-Fried Spinach
This Stir Fried Spinach is so incredibly easy to make and SO good, you'll surprise yourself. My Thai/Malaysian husband says it's as good as one can find at any Chinese or Thai restaurant. The key to stir-frying spinach is to use enough of it, as it tends to cook down to 1/10th its size. Baby spinach can be used, but you'll find it won't make...

Best Stir-Fried Vegetable Dishes
For delicious vegetables you won't be able to get enough of, try one of these delightful Thai vegetable recipes. Fresh, healthy, crisp and just plain good, these veggies are so delicious, even my husband (who generally avoids all things green) loves them. Give one a try!

Easy Thai Stir-fried Vegetables
Making a "simple stir-fry" isn't always as simple as it might seem. Getting the sauce to taste just right is usually a challenge. But my Thai stir-fried vegetables is a no-fail recipe, mostly because the stir-fry sauce is made before beginning to fry the vegetables, allowing you to adjust the flavor according to your taste. Try it as a side...

Stir-Fried Lemon Shrimp (Goong Maa Now)
Fantastic!! - That's the only way to describe this Thai Lemon Shrimp Recipe (Goong Maa Now). And it also happens to be quick and super-easy to make. I cooked up this dish for a potluck, and have never seen anything disappear so fast. Large or jumbo shrimp are marinated in a simple sweet chili sauce, then briefly simmered on the stove together with coconut milk and lemon. Yum!

Very Thai Chicken Stir-Fry (with Lime Leaf and Basil)
If you like Thai food, you're going to fall in love with this simple but fantastic Thai stir fry recipe! This chicken stir fry features the unique taste of lime leaf combined with fresh basil for a taste explosion with every bite. Chicken stir fry never tasted so tantalizing!

Thai Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry
This Beef Broccoli Stir Fry is healthy and colorful with robust flavors that are easy to stir up. Along with the broccoli, you can add red bell pepper or, for those who like it spicy, red chili peppers. The stir fry sauce is simple to make but complex in taste, making for a lively taste combination when fried up together with the beef and...

Thai Sweet and Sour Pork
This Sweet and Sour Pork recipe is easy to make, and tangy-delicious. Use pork spare ribs or pork tenderloin for this recipe (or substitute chicken for sweet and sour chicken). Sweet and sour is traditionally Chinese, but can also be found in many Southeast-Asian cuisines includes Thai. This sweet and sour recipe is easy to make, and because it...

Spicy Stir-Fried Green Beans
This spicy green bean recipe is simple to make and addictively-good. Similar to Chinese stir-fried green beans, this Thai version makes a wonderful side dish - or enjoy it on its own for lunch or a light dinner. Green beans are best when stir-fried - this way they retain all of their flavor and nutrients. Be sure to serve this dish with...

Thai Chicken Stir Fry Recipe with Tomatoes, Lemongrass, & Fresh Herbs
This authentic Thai recipe comes from the north of Thailand, and tastes like some of the best Thai street cooking you may have sampled in Thailand. Combining chicken (or substitute pork) with fresh tomatoes in a stir-fry together with a simple lemongrass-based paste, this Thai dish is brimming with intense Thai flavors! Top with fresh herbs,...

Thai Basil Chicken Lettuce Wraps!
If you like lettuce wraps, try this wonderful Thai Basil Chicken Lettuce Wrap Recipe! This dish is fun to eat and brimming with taste. Have all your ingredients chopped and ready to go, then the cooking only takes a few minutes. Set the hot filling and cool lettuce leaves out on the table and have your family wrap their own. Makes a crunchy-delicious dinner that is very satisfying, or serve it as a special appetizer for a dinner party. ENJOY!

Classic Thai Basil Chicken
If you've enjoy eating spicy basil chicken at Thai restaurants and eateries, try this wonderful homemade Thai Basil Chicken recipe! Once you have all your fresh ingredients ready, the cooking time is just 10 minutes. Basil chicken is one of the more popular Thai dishes, both in Thailand and here in North America, offering spicy flavors that mingle beautifully with the taste of savory basil. ENJOY!

Vegetable Stir-Fry Recipe
This Stir Fry Vegetables recipe is easy to make and tastes like a typical Chinese or Thai-style stir-fry. It is a very flexible recipe - add shrimp, chicken, or tofu for a main course entree, or for a side dish, just serve as is. Also, you can choose your own assortment of veggies to add based on what is fresh and available where you live. ...

Thai Basil Chicken Stir Fry (with Yellow Pepper)
This Basil Chicken Stir Fry is my husband's favorite stir fry. I've also made it for guests who then happily go home with the recipe. It's easy to make once you have all your ingredients. For this basil chicken dish, I've added yellow pepper as is sometimes done in Thailand. The result is a very flavorful stir-fry that is beautifully...

Sweet and Sour Chicken (or Pork) with Vegetables
This healthy and colorful recipe will please everyone at dinnertime. Slices of chicken (or pork) are cooked in a special Thai-style sweet and sour sauce that's tangy-delicious. Add shiitake mushrooms and bok choy, plus summer vegetables such as bell peppers and tomatoes plus fresh coriander, and you've got a low-fat, one-dish meal.

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