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How to Make Banana Leaf Boats for Cooking or Serving


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Fill Your Banana Leaf Boats!
Banana leaf boats, step 8

Finished Banana Leaf Boats - ready to set sail!

Now you can fill your banana leaf boats with prepared fish or other seafood for cooking (these boats can be baked, steamed, even grilled!). Or, use them just for serving. Banana boats are perfect for serving up all types of Asian-themed dishes including salads, any type of seafood, rice (especially sticky rice or coconut rice), and desserts. See the next frame for a serving suggestion.

Tips:Banana leaves are porous and do tend to leak. To prevent this, you can try doubling the thickness of your boats (cutting out two rectangles for each boat). Or, line each boat with a little wax paper, tin foil, or parchment paper. Personally, I accept the leaking as part of the deal (always placing the boats within a container or on a baking sheet if using them for cooking). If I'm serving guests, I will make extra boats and tranfer the cooked or prepared item into a fresh boat right before serving. ENJOY!

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