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Perfect White Rice: How to Make Rice on Your Stovetop!


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Step #1: Measure out 2 cups Rice.
Measuring Rice into a Pot

Measuring out the rice.

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Step #1: Start with good-tasting, good-quality white rice, such as Thai jasmine rice or your preferred brand (see below for buying tips). Measure out 2 cups rice (SERVES 4-5 people) and pour into a deep medium-size pot. You will also need a tight-fitting lid.

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Rice Buying Tips: I highly recommend buying Thai Jasmine Rice (also called 'jasmine-scented' rice). Thai rice gives you the best tasting white rice on the market. It is also the most fragrant, plus it is one of the best in terms of nutritional content among the white rice group. Another bonus is that it stores better than other types of white rice (keeps its taste and nutrition longer when cooked and refrigerated). You will get a good price on Thai jasmine rice if you buy it from Asian food stores. If you can't find Thai rice, the next best thing is Japanese white rice.

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