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Thai Fish & Seafood Recipes

Find fabulous Thai fish recipes plus recipes for seafood such as scallops, mussels, clams, squid and more - all with easy to follow cooking instructions. Thai fish recipes are extremely delicious, plus low in calories and carbs while high in protein and omega-3. Treat yourself to one of these terrific seafood or fish recipes for dinner tonight!

Best Fish Recipes - in one place!
If you like fish, you're going to love these Thai fish recipes. Find every kind of fish recipe in this collection, from fish cakes and fish curry to great everyday fillet and halibut/salmon steak recipes. Whether you're frying, baking, or barbecuing, you'll find the perfect recipe for your fish right here!

Thai-style Fish Cakes (with Sweet Chili Sauce & Basil Mayo)
These yummy fish cakes are a cross between traditional Thai fish cakes and the breaded variety we've all come to know and love. Here I've created a fish cake recipe that's closer to what you might find at one of our North American restaurants (for authentic Thai fish cakes, see my link below). The cakes are crusted on the outside with a crispy...

Classic Thai Fish Cakes
Thai Fish Cakes are a common street food in Thailand, and are very flavorful compared to most Western fish cake recipes. They aren't bettered, which I find allows for more of the fresh taste of the fish, spices, and herbs to come through. These cakes are best eaten fresh out of the oil while they're still hot and juicy. Served them with or...

Sumptuous Thai Seafood Recipes!
Try some of these wonderful shellfish recipes from the Thai kitchen. Few cuisines prepare seafood as well as Thai, and most of these recipes are also simple enough to make for everyday eating. Also beautiful enough to serve company. ENJOY!

Thai Crab Cakes
This Thai Crab Cake recipe makes the best crab cakes - even better than most restaurants! Panko (Japanese bread crumbs) are easy to find these days at most supermarkets, and makes this recipe a cinch to make. However, if you happen to be looking for a gluten-free recipe, see my recipe for a terrific replacement for Panko. Thai crab cakes are...

Easy Baked Coconut Shrimp
This Easy Baked Coconut Shrimp recipe is great if you're short on time, but what to cook up something special to serve as an appetizer or finger food. I've been disappointed with other baked coconut shrimp recipes, but this one really works. Excellent served with Thai sweet chili sauce (available in most supermarkets in the Asian section), or for an extra tropical treat, serve them with my Easy Mango Dip (see recipe). ENJOY!

Top Thai Shrimp Recipes
Try these delicious Thai Shrimp Recipes! All these shrimp recipes have been chosen for their wonderful taste and ease of preparation. Few cuisines can make shrimp as succulent and wonderful-tasting as Thai, and these recipes prove it. Try one for dinner tonight, or make one up for a party - shrimp make a terrific finger food. ENJOY!

Superb Salmon Recipes!
These fabulous Thai-style salmon recipes are healthy, fragrant, and a perfect match for the flavor and richness of salmon. Can't find salmon? No problem - other tyes of fish work just as well with the wonderful combination of flavors that are part of Thai cuisine. And unlike a lot of creamy fish dishes, these are all low fat fish recipes. ...

Beautiful Thai Scallops Appetizer
This scallop recipe will teach you everything you need to know to cook fantastic pan-seared scallops. Very gourmet, yet this appetizer is surprisingly easy to make. And the results? If you like seafood, you're going to fall in love with these melt-in-your-mouth scallops. Great for serving at a dinner party as an appetizer, or for a romantic...

Great Grilled Fish Recipes!
If you're a fish fan, try these delicious Thai Grilled Fish Recipes! Few cuisines can top the exquisite flavors that Thai chefs use to cookup fish fillets, steaks, or whole fish. Includes grilled salmon and halibut recipes, as well as whole rainbow trout, or any type of fish you happen to be grilling up. ENJOY!

Top Thai Grilled Salmon Recipes
For the freshest, most flavorful salmon, try these Thai Grilled Salmon Recipes! The pungent flavors of Thai cuisine marry extremely well with the rich taste of salmon. And these recipes are good for you too - low in fat and calories, but very high in taste. Give one a try!

Thai Scallop and Shrimp Curry
This Thai scallop and shrimp curry is beautiful to make and to serve. The scallops and shrimp are simmered in a flavorful Thai curry sauce with white wine just until tender and served up with jasmine rice or a loaf of crusty French bread. The best vegetable for this dish is okra, but if you can't find it eggplant also works well. This is a true gourmet Thai dish you'll enjoy making, and because of the tenderness of the scallops and shrimp, it cooks up quickly and easily. If you're interested in wine pairings, I suggest a crisp white wine or a nice bottle of Shiraz. ENJOY!

Thai Grilled or Fried Halibut with Fresh Mango Sambal
This Thai-style Halibut with Fresh Mango Sauce is easy to make and can either be grilled or pan-fried for delicious results. Other types of white-fleshed fish can be used as well, including tilapia, cod, basa, etc... This dish comes complete with a vegetable side dish of stir-fried spinach which takes only minutes to make, but feel free...

Thai Grilled Salmon (with Flavorful Side Sauce)
This Thai Grilled Salmon features a wonderful blend of the 'four big Thai tastes': spicy, salty, sweet and sour. Made with fresh herbs and spices, this salmon simply sings with flavor while never overwelmoing the naturally delicious flavor of the fish. The marinade is a variation of traditional Thai 'magic paste' - a special blend of fresh...

Thai Fish Coconut Curry (Easy!)
This wonderful Thai Fish Coconut Curry pops with flavor and is so delicious, you'll want to serve it next time you're entertaining. The curry sauce recipe is really easy to make from scratch - just stir together the ingredients, or blend them up in a food processor, chopper, or blender. Also contributing to this sumptuous curry are pineapple...

Thai Fish Curry with Vegetables
This classic fish curry is made with coconut milk and spices plus eggplant and boy choy or other vegetables of your choice. It can be made with any type of fish but is especially good with white-fleshed fish like tilapia, halibut, cod, bassa and others. It cooks up quite quickly and features an authentic curry taste you'll be sure to love.

Thai Grilled Ginger-Garlic Shrimp (or Oven-Broiled)
For great Thai shrimp that's also easy to make, try this delicious recipe. Medium to large shrimp/prawns are doused in a Thai garlic & ginger sauce, then either grilled or broiled. These shrimp can be skewered with satay sticks or BBQ skewers, or just cooked up as they (the larger they are, the easier to grill individually). The result is a...

Best Thai Crab Cakes
These Thai crab cakes are guarenteed to melt in your mouth! You will definitely be wowed by how deliciously moist these crab cakes are, plus they're imbued with wonderful Thai flavors. This crab cake recipe makes an elegant appetizer or entree to serve guests, but is also easy enough to cook as an everyday treat. ENJOY!

Mussels cooked in a Thai Basil-Coconut Sauce
This Thai mussel recipe makes a great appetizer or main course. Fresh mussels are steamed in white wine, then a basil-coconut sauce is poured over. Fresh red chillies, coriander, and more basil are sprinkled are added at the end for a seafood dish that is easy to make and tastes divine.

Baked or Fried Oysters, Thai-style
This oyster recipe is very flexible - you can either fry the oysters or bake them (includes instructions for both methods). This sumputous oyster recipe starts with a delicious Thai sauce that is easy to make and pairs beautifully with the rich taste of the oysters.

Thai Fish Curry
This beautiful fish curry is made with an aromatic Thai green curry sauce and includes vegetables for a well-rounded, nutritious as well as delicious dish. Once you've whipped up the special Thai curry sauce, this dish comes together in just a few minutes. Nearly any type of fish can be used, from sole, cod, tilapia, bassa, and other...

Classic Thai Whole Fish with Chili-Garlic Sauce
This classic Thai whole fish recipe tastes like those served on a Thai beach - wonderful! If you miss the food you had in Thailand, give this one a try!

Thai Basil Shrimp Stir-Fry (Easy!)
This Thai Basil Shrimp is simple to make and will please anyone who is partial to Thai flavors. The dish comes together quickly and easily in the wok, and the stir-frying method keeps both the juiciness of the shrimp as well as the sweetness of the peppers in the dish, not to mention all of those wonderful nutrients! Have plenty of fresh basil...

Thai Pan-Fried Scallops
This thai recipe for scallops is fragrant, pleasantly spicy, and succulent. Scallops are marinated and stir-fried in an easy red curry that also provides a dipping sauce (or you can serve these scallops "floating" amid the red curry). Excellent for entertaining or simply as an everyday treat.

Thai Fish Cakes (Easy!)
Thai Fish Cakes are very flavorful compared to most Western fish cake recipes. They aren't battered, which I find allows for more of the fresh taste of the fish, spices, and herbs to come through. These cakes are best eaten fresh out of the oil while they're still hot and juicy. Served them with or without rice, and accompany with Thai sweet chili sauce, chopped cucumber, fresh coriander, and a squeeze of lime juice. Simply delicious!

Coconut Shrimp
Imagine biting into a succulent deep-fried shrimp covered in a light tempura-like batter (includes a gluten-free option) but with the flavor of fresh coconut - scrumptious! This Coconut Shrimp recipe is fantastic to serve as an appetizer, tapas plate, or party food. Excellent eaten on its own, or serve with a dip like my fresh mango salsa. ENJOY!

Classic Thai Fillet of Fish Baked in Banana Leaves
This healthy fish recipe starts with a fragrant Thai basil curry sauce/marinade. The sauce is slathered over the fish, which is then wrapped in banana leaves (or you can use parchment paper or tin foil). Coconut rice makes an excellent accompaniment (recipe included). Serve both right on the banana leaf for an exotic Thai eating experience!

Thai Mussels with White Whine, Lemongrass and Fresh Herbs
This fragrant steamed mussel recipe makes a superb gourmet appetizer to serve guests or that very-special-someone in your life. This mussel recipe is simple to put together too - ready in just minutes. Pair with a nice wine and good company. ENJOY!

Baked Salmon in a Soy-Honey & Ginger Sauce (Easy!)
This beautiful Asian salmon recipe is easy and so yummy, plus healthy and wonderful with either rice or potatoes. It's the marinade that makes this dish, a concoction of Asian sauces with honey and ginger, plus fresh garlic for a superb salmon dish that tastes similar to teriyaki. It's inspired by the Chinese-Thai tradition, and has the advantage of being very simple to put together.

Thai Chili-Lime Fish
This beautiful fish recipe is sure to impress anyone and everyone at your table. Made with a sweet chili, lime and coconut sauce, it's so tasty and the fish turns out so tender. And it's remarkably simple to prepare. Just stir up the special Thai sauce, add the fish and bok choy, cover and bake 20 minutes. The bok choy cooks up just perfectly alongside the fish in the pan, then just set one on top of each piece of fish to serve. A lovely dish for any night of the week, and simply beautiful to serve company.

Beautiful Thai Shrimp Coconut Curry
This Thai Shrimp Curry is nothing less than fantastic! The curry sauce recipe is easy to make - just stir together the ingredients, or blend them up in a food processor, chopper, or blender. This dish is so good and so easy, you'll want to make again and again!

Thai Seafood Curry
If you enjoy seafood, you'll love this sumptuous curry. The recipe starts with a healthy homemade, rather tart curry sauce that goes well with fish. The sauce is heated in a wok or deep frying pan, to which an assortment of nutritious vegetables are added, plus cubes of pineapple and mixed seafood, all of which cook up in no time.

Baked Salmon in Thai Red Curry Sauce
This baked salmon is aromatic and delicious. Salmon steaks or fillets are baked for 20 minutes in an easy-to-make Thai red curry sauce that compliments the rich taste of the salmon.

Baked (or Grilled) Whole Fish
While fresh whole fish is usually grilled outdoors in Thailand, here in North America we often have to come up with alternate cooking methods owing to weather conditions. To accommodate both indoor and outdoor methods, here's a fish recipe that can either be baked/broiled indoors, OR barbecued outside. Either way, this fish is spectacular...

Easy Thai Fish Curry
This fish curry tastes so delectable, you won't believe how fast and easy it is - ready in just 20 minutes! Fillets of fish (any type, fresh or frozen) are simmered in a rich Thai curry sauce. Includes vegetables for a healthy one-pot dish. And it's ready in just 20 minutes. Mmmmm...!

Thai Steamed Fish
In coastal Thailand, fresh fish is plentiful and delicious grilled or steamed in a wok. Try this steamed version combining lemongrass, galangal (or ginger), and fresh coriander for a melt-in-your-mouth taste experience. Be sure to use fresh fish for best results.

Thai Lemon Shrimp Recipe
This Thai shrimp recipe features lemon and lime flavors for the ultimate shrimp dish. And unlike most shrimp recipes, it doesn't contain a lot of cream or butter. Coconut milk is used instead, which means this dish is lighter, but still wonderfully delicious. Makes a nice dish to serve company or anyone who loves seafood. Serve with plain or...

Tangy Thai Orange Salmon
This Thai-style baked salmon is easy to make and works equally well with both fillets and steaks. It starts with a basic Thai sauce to which fresh orange juice is added as well as a little coconut milk for a touch of richness. Served with orange slices and fresh coriander, this salmon recipe turns into a gourmet meal that can be whipped up any night of the week. Note that I also tested this recipe using halibut with excellent results. ENJOY!

Grilled Lemongrass Salmon with Fresh Blueberries
This special grilled salmon recipe is a wonderful way to celebrate all the sensual flavors and freshness of summer. The salmon is marinated in a Thai lemongrass sauce and then easily grilled on your BBQ. It is given a Western twist with a final topping of fresh blueberries. This grilled salmon is colorful and oh so delightful - it is now my family's favorite salmon recipe. Gourmet delicious, yet easy to make. ENJOY!

Thai Grilled Shrimp (in a Tom Yum Marinade)
This Thai Grilled Shrimp is extremely flavorful and is sure to please anyone who loves Thai flavors. It's the marinade that makes this shrimp sing: a delicious Tom Yum paste which can be whipped up in your mini-chopper or food processor in no time. This paste can also be used to make a delicious side sauce (nice with rice), although the shrimp are just as wonderful eaten right off the grill. If desired, you can add some scallops to your grilled shrimp brochettes, as pictured. ENJOY!

Thai Tom Yum Grilled Fish
For fantastic fish on the grill, check out this Thai Grilled Fish recipe! A special Thai spice paste is used to make this fish sing: Tom Yum spice paste, which is made from scratch, ensuring loads of flavor and freshness as well as added health benefits. Easy to whip up and wonderful to serve, you'll want to make this grilled fish part of your favorite fish recipes collection (note: you can also bake the fish if weather doesn't cooperate). ENJOY!

Grilled Salmon with a Thai Lemongrass-Coconut Sauce
This delightful grilled salmon recipe features a Thai lemongrass-coconut sauce that is just perfect for fresh salmon steaks or fillets (previously frozen salmon can also be used). The sauce is a tantilizing blend of sweet, sour, and spicy. All these flavors come together in a mingling of lemon, lemongrass, coconut milk, honey, and a dash of spice for a salmon-perfect combination. Makes for great everyday eating, but is also perfect for serving at your next barbecue party or cookout. ENJOY!

Spicy Thai Sweet & Sour Shrimp Recipe
This spicy sweet and sour shrimp provides lots of tangy taste and depth of flavor owing to my unique Thai combination of herbs and spices. This sweet and sour recipe features fresh (or frozen) shrimp combined with pineapple chunks and slices of green bell pepper (or sweet green Anahein pepper) for a wonderful stir-fried seafood dish that is wonderful any night of the week. Leftovers are wonderful too! ENJOY!

Spicy Chili-Garlic Shrimp Recipe
This wonderful Thai shrimp recipe is easy to make and superb for a party. Medium to jumbo shrimp are tossed in a spicy chili-garlic sauce, then broiled in the oven for just a few minutes. Add toothpicks and serve as a party food, or enjoy with rice as a main entree. This spicy shrimp recipe will be a hit with your friends and family, and it's...

Easy Thai Pan-Fried Fish (great with halibut, cod, tilapia, etc...!)
This Easy Thai Pan-fried Fish recipe is melt-in-your-mouth delicious and easy to make. The fish is lightly seared in a hot pan with a little oil for 5-8 minutes, then topped with a simple no-cook lemon-herb Thai sauce that really compliments the flavor of the fish and lets its tenderness shine through. Wonderful with rice, but equally good...

Shrimp Cocktail (Served in Cucumber Boats)
This shrimp cocktail recipe is deliciously different! It's also lower in calories and fat than most traditional shrimp cocktail recipes. And if that isn't enough to convince you to try it, this shrimp cocktail is festively served in cucumber boats which are beautiful to serve. ENJOY!

Grilled Salmon in a Dark Sweet Thai Sauce
This grilled salmon recipe is divinely delicious. A special dark sweet sauce is what makes this Thai-style salmon come alive. I find it's better than most salmon recipes (that call for heavy cream sauces), and it's far healthier too! Banana leaf is an optional part of this recipe, and if you do have some (or know where you can buy some), it adds a little bit of the exotic to this already fantastic dish. So give this recipe a try - grilled salmon never tasted so good!

Grilled Scallops with Peaches and Red Bell Pepper
These grilled scallops are gourmet-delicious! Skewered with fresh peaches and sweet red pepper, they are as delicious as they are beautiful. Very impressive to serve company. ENJOY!

Shrimp and Green Mango Curry
you want to impress your spouse or friends. Green mango is the special ingredient in this curry - you'll enjoy its subtle sourness combined with that familiar mango taste. If you wish, a mixture of seafood can be added, including as scallops or chunks of filleted white-fleshed fish. Lime leaves as well as fresh herbs and green chili all combine to create a shrimp curry you won't be forgetting anytime soon. ENJOY!

Easy Grilled Fish with Garlic-Pepper Sauce
This Easy Grilled Fish with Garlic-Pepper Sauce is simply fantastic! Fresh or frozen fish fillets or steaks can be used for this recipe, which includes a simple garlic-pepper sauce that marries beautifully both with mild as well as rich-flavored fish. Serve this grilled fish with rice or potatoes for an easy seafood treat. Perfect for everyday grilling, or serve this grilled fish when company come over.

Thai Lemon Shrimp (Goong Maa Now)
Fantastic!! - That's the only way to describe this Thai Lemon Shrimp Recipe (Goong Maa Now). And it also happens to be quick and super-easy to make. I cooked up this dish for a potluck, and have never seen anything disappear so fast. Large or jumbo shrimp are marinated in a simple sweet chili sauce, then briefly simmered on the stove together with coconut milk and lemon. If you like seafood, put this dish on your menu this week - you won't be disappointed. ENJOY!

Baked Talapia with Tamarind Water and Spring Onion
This baked talapia recipe is Thai delicious and easy to make. It features the dark richness of tamarind, which is a fruit that grows in many parts of Asia. Make it easy on yourself and buy the prepared tamarind paste at a Chinese, Asian, or Indian food store. The sauce is a combination of sweet and sour, with tones of chili, garlic and ginger. So try give this baked talapia recipe a try - it makes a quick and easy dinner any night of the week, and will be ready in just minutes. ENJOY!

Thai Drunken Fish
This fried fish recipe has a descriptive name: it's called "Drunken Fish" because it is usually served in Thai bars, like pub food in the West. But don't even think it tastes anything like our typical "pub grub"! In fact, this fish dish is worthy of the term "gourmet" for all of its wonderful flavor and richness, as well as the spectacular...

Easy Thai Baked Salmon with Black Bean Sauce
This Chinese-inspired baked salmon is gourmet-delicious, yet extremely easy to make. You'll love how the rich-tasting black bean sauce enhances the exquisite flavor of the salmon. This baked fish recipe also works with other types of fish, such as cod, sole, snapper, or halibut - all healthy and safe seafood choices (either fresh or frozen). ...

Steamed or Baked Butter Fish with Special Thai Sauce
Butter fish, also known as pomfret or white pomfret fish, is healthy and wonderfully tender when steamed or baked in the oven (recipe includes instructions for both cooking methods). This butter fish recipe is easy to make, and the results are gourmet delicious! The fish is wrapped in banana leaf before cooking (or tin foil can be used as a substitute). Includes a special Thai fish sauce recipe that is tantalizingly good. So give this easy fish recipe a try - you won't be disappointed!

Grilled Halibut Steak
This Thai recipe for grilled halibut steak is easy and super-delicious! Barbecue fish isn't as difficult as it seems, especially halibut steaks, which cook easily on the grill without falling apart. The Thai marinade is put together in a matter of minutes, and as a bonus, it doubles as a glaze/dipping sauce. This halibut steak recipe makes a quick and easy meal for everyday, but is also elegant enough to serve at your next barbecue or cookout. Enjoy!

Easy Grilled Salmon with Coconut Sambal
This fantastic recipe for grilled salmon is easy to make and tastes truly heavenly. The special Thai marinade is a perfect match for the richness of salmon, enhancing and bringing out all of its naturally succulent taste. This recipe will show you how to cook salmon easily and quickly, and includes lots of cooking tips to help you get your...

Grilled Salt and Pepper Calamari
This simple recipe for Grilled Salt and Pepper Calamari (also known as salt and pepper squid) is fast and delicious to cook up - plus it's low-fat compared to the usual deep-fried calamari. The salt & pepper barbecue rub is easy to make - just toss a few dry spices together, and you're done! This calamari recipe makes a great appetizer, or...

Shrimp Noodle Salad
This Thai Shrimp Noodle Salad Recipe is easy to make and tastes spectacular! Tender cooked shrimp are combined with gluten free rice noodles or glass noodles, plus strips of cucumber, fresh papaya, scallions, and fresh coriander. This wonderful tangle of ingredients is then tossed with a salad dressing recipe that literally takes only one minute to make, but makes this salad taste incredible. Make it for dinner, or keep it in the refrigerator for quick weekday lunches.

Grilled Shrimp and Pineapple Brochettes
This Thai recipe for grilled shrimp on skewers (brochettes) is to-die-to delicious! Succulent shrimp are combined with chunks of pineapple, cherry tomatoes, and purple onion for a colorful and tropical summertime barbecue treat. Superb for a barbecue, dinner party, or cookout. These shrimp brochettes can be eaten as a finger food, or serve...

Grilled Whole Sardines with Thai Barbecue Rub
This fantastic recipe for grilled fish starts with fresh or frozen whole sardines. Sardines are extremely healthy, and they're also one of the safest fish to eat. While most people associate sardines with the canned variety, "real" sardines are something else entirely. You'll love the tenderness of this easy grilled fish recipe, which includes a dry barbecue rub slathered on the fish before grilling followed by "buttery" Thai sauce that makes this dish truly gourmet!

Barbecue Fish Lettuce Wraps
This fabulous Thai recipe is a combination of barbecue fish (wonderful in its own right), and lettuce wraps. A really fun way to enjoy fish outdoors on the barbecue, and makes a superb party food, as everyone can put together their own wrap - just have someone doing the barbecuing. Includes a super-easy dipping sauce for the wraps that really makes this dish come alive. And there's no need for a side salad - you're getting your salad and your fish all in one dish. Fantastic!!

Seafood Mango Stir Fry
This tangy mango stir fry is a seafood treat! Various types of seafood of your choice (fish fillets, mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops, etc...) are stir fried together with snow peas and red pepper in a sweet and sour sauce that marries perfectly with fresh mango (or you can use frozen or canned mango if you can't find fresh). Just add rice on the side, and you have an easy stir fry recipe that is sure to a hit with everyone at your dinner table!

Special Thai Appetizer - Mock Oysters
This beautiful Thai appetizer looks remarkably like oysters. However, the inital taste, unlike oysters, is crisp and crunchy. Then you get a hit of seafood (shrimp) followed by a wonderful taste-explosion of Thai flavors. A great appetizer to serve at a party, cookout, or any social gathering. Pairs nicely with various wines (I like it with a...

Thai Barbecue Shrimp
This barbecue shrimp recipe is so incredibly delicious, you won't believe your taste-buds! Jumbo or large shrimp are marinated in a very quick and easy barbecue sauce, then grilled for 5-8 minutes. The extra barbecue sauce can then be heated and served as a dip or sauce, but you'll find you won't even need it - that's how succulent and full of flavor these shrimp are! Makes a very gourmet barbecue dish to serve guests, and all this despite the fact it takes only minutes to make!

Thai Barbecue (or Fried) Whole Fish
This barbecue fish can also be fried indoors (instructions included). You can use nearly any type of fish - whole or in steaks/fillets. In Thailand, small to medium whole fish are used for this dish, so I chose a few rainbow trout, which turned out perfectly - the taste was just as I remember it from the beaches of Thailand! Simply marinate...

Thai Tempura
This Thai version of tempura features oysters in a crispy batter with crunchy vegetables. In Thailand, "Hoi Tod" is made several ways - either as a fried pancake, or as a kind of tempura (as in this recipe). And it can be made with either mussel or oyster meat. This easy dish makes an excellent appetizer, snack, or main entree. Yum!

Shrimp Fried Rice
This easy shrimp fried rice is restaurant-quality (or better!). Fresh or frozen shrimp are quickly stir-fried with garlic and onions. Add the cooked rice, plus my own special Thai sauce, and a few frozen peas, and you have a yummy fried rice recipe that is sure to please everyone, even your kids. A great way to use leftover rice - and...

Fried Calamari with Coconut Dip
This simple Thai version of calamari is crisp and delicious - especially when dipped in my special Thai coconut dip. This dish makes a great appetizer or party food recipe, or serve it with a Thai salad and you have a complete meal. Mmmm.... easy and delicious!

Thai Seafood Noodle Salad
Every bite of this sumptuous seafood salad offers a taste-explosion of Thai flavors! At the same time, the dressing never overpowers the fresh taste of the seafood, but rather brings out all of its natural succulence. While nearly every nation bordering an ocean has its own type of seafood salad, you'll definitely find this Thai version to be one of the best! Makes a great appetizer, side dish, or even a main course thanks to the addition of gluten free silvery glass noodles.

Sweet and Sour Fish
This fish recipe with sweet and sour sauce and vegetables is incredibly delicious, plus easy to make. An authentic Thai dish that is quickly put together and simmered on the stove, filling your kitchen with the fragrance and alluring scents of Thai cooking. Add sweet bell peppers and fresh coriander, and you have a gourmet Thai dish that's super healthy, yummy, and quick to make. As a bonus, any type of fish can be used for this recipe, from salmon to cod to snapper (fresh or frozen)!

Easy Baked Fish with Special Thai Sauce
This easy baked fish recipe takes less than 30 minutes to make, but tastes like you labored in the kitchen for hours! Start with fresh or frozen fillets of your favorite "white" fish, such as halibut, cod, or snapper, and wrap them in tin foil, parchment paper, or, for that authentic Thai taste, in banana leaves (available fresh or frozen at most Asian stores). Make the special Thai sauce in a matter of minutes on your stovetop, then put the two together - it's that easy!

Thai Chilli Squid Recipe
This thai chilli squid recipe is super-yummy, healthy, and easy to make. And if you serve it with glass or rice noodles (as in this recipe), it makes a one-pot meal complete with plenty of nutritious vegetables. The squid is stir-fried briefly, so it is very tender and never rubbery. You can also simply serve the stir-fried squid with plain rice...

Garlic Shrimp
Sumptuous, succulent shrimp! That's my Thai garlic shrimp recipe - and it takes less than 15 minutes to make. Sweet, yet mildly spicy and garlicky, it's the perfect dish to serve at a party as an appetizer or finger food. Also makes an excellent entree for lunch or dinner (just serve with crusty French bread or rice). Even your kids will go...

Hot and Sour Soup
Hot and Sour Soup is similar to Tom Yum Soup, but has a different flavor, plus it relies on egg instead of coconut milk to thicken it. The egg cooks in the soup, shredding into beautiful white "clouds". Includes lots of greens, plus your choice of chicken, seafood, or tofu/wheat gluten. A great soup whether you're fighting a cold or flu, or...

Fish Curry Cakes (Haw Mok Plaa)
These individual-sized fish curry cakes are great to serve at a party, or simply as an everyday treat. In Thailand, individual cups are made out of banana leaf, but to make it easier, I've used poaching cups or ramekins and simply lined them with strips of banana leaf. Also, instead of steaming them (the Thai way), I've discovered the results...

Pan-seared Salmon with Tangy Thai Sauce
This salmon recipe is melt-in-your-mouth delicious! Fillets of marinated salmon are pan-fried (or barbecued), searing in the flavors and omega-3 goodness of the fish. The salmon is then served with a tangy Thai lemongrass-honey sauce that marries perfectly with salmon's natural flavors. A healthy, delicious, and easy recipe that can be made...

Thai Chilli Crab
If you enjoy shellfish, you're going to love this Thai recipe for crab made with a pungent red chilli sauce. The spicy and flavorful sauce marries well with the tender crab meat. Either frozen or fresh crab (in the shell) can be used. This dish is so good, it will leave you craving more - even after you've eaten your fill! Makes a superb...

Barbecued Salmon and Vegetable Skewers, Thai-style
These skewers smell so good on the barbecue that you just might find the neighbors coming around to see what you're cooking (this happens to me all the time)! Marinated in a tangy Thai sauce (which is also used as a dipping sauce), these healthy, colorful skewers will satisfy the whole family - even your kids will love them. Make up your own...

Thai Clams in Yellow Curry Sauce with Basil and Red Chilli
If you like shellfish, you'll fall in love with this fantastic Thai food recipe. Served either as an appetizer or an entree, this dish provides all the taste and none of the fat of the usual cream-based shell-fish recipes. Make these clams mild to spicy, depending on your "spice-o-meter" and how much red chilli you wish to add. Enjoy with a favorite glass of chilled white wine and steamed rice - or, if desired, a loaf of french bread or garlic toast to soak up the flavorful juices.

Thai Whole Fish with Coriander-Chilli Sauce
This fish recipe can be made outdoors on the barbeque, or you can pan-fry the fish indoors (or grill it on a stove-top grill). You'll love the tenderness of the fish combined with this fantastic, tastebud-awakening sauce, which can be made anywhere from mild to extra spicy to suit your taste. It goes down especially well on a hot day...

Fish and Chicken Fried Rice
Chinese cooking techniques, ingredients, and recipes have long been a major influence in Thai food. This recipe is one example of the fusion of these two wonderful cuisines. Salty and savory, Fish & Chicken Fried Rice is so good, it can become addictive! To achieve the right flavor, be sure to use real fish sauce for this recipe, which can be purchased by the bottle in any Asian market or grocery store.

Thai-spiced Grilled Salmon with Asparagus
This easy salmon recipes starts with a mixture of Thai spices made into a marinade. The salmon is then grilled (or fried) in a honey-soy-ginger sauce - the same sauce that is then used to stir-fry the asparagus. Served with plenty of Thai jasmine rice (white or brown), this salmon dish looks elegant and tastes even better. It's also a fast...

Thai Prawn & Pumpkin Soup
This yellow curry soup is a soothing comfort food when the weather turns cooler. Squash may be substituted for pumpkin, or make a vegetarian version by adding chickpeas instead of prawns. Either way, you'll have your guests asking for second helpings of this delicious, nutritious soup.

Grilled Shrimp
These shrimp are flavorful and succulent, marinated in a light yellow curry sauce. Barbeque them outside, or grill these skewers indoors either on a stovetop grill or in the oven. Serve as an appetizer or with stir-fried veggies and steamed rice for a complete and deliciously satisfying Thai meal!

Thai Chicken Rice Soup with Prawns and Coriander
In Asia, breakfast often takes the form of soup, noodles, or "porridge", which is actually a kind of thick rice soup. This chicken-rice soup recipe is a good example, although I am more apt to make it for dinner. It's a soothing, comfort food, and excellent if you're fighting a cold or flu. Whether cooked in a slow cooker, or on the stove, it's extremely easy to make, low in fat and calories, and healthy too (see my substitutions for whole grains).

Thai Fish Cakes
In Thailand, fish cakes are a common, everyday snack. Sample these with a little sweet chilli sauce and a cold lager, and you'll soon find yourself instantly transported to a Thai beach!

Thai Grilled Fish (Served with optional "Fresh Pickle")
Try this Thai Grilled Fish Fillet Recipe for juicy, flavorful fish straight off the grill! This fish is my replica of a fish dish sold on the street by Thai street food vendors, except mine is grilled instead of fried. Serve it as is, or accompany with my simple "Fresh Pickle" (another common accompaniment to many Thai fish dishes). The pickle is optional, but if you do serve it, you'll enjoy …

How to Make Grilled Shrimp
Grilled Shrimp is simple to make and oh so delicious. The secret to great grilled shrimp is to start with a good marinade, then grill the shrimp just until pink and plump - it only takes a few minutes. This Thai Grilled Shrimp How-to will show you how to prepare the shrimp for grilling, plus make a wonderful marinade. Turn your next summer...

Thai Stir-Fried Tamarind Shrimp
This Thai shrimp recipe is authentic Thai, yet remarkably easy to make. It's the tamarind that makes this dish sing, so don't be tempted to leave it out (look for tamarind paste at your local Asian or Indian food store); fresh basil and coriander are also key. The flavors in this dish are wonderfully strong, so be sure to balance them out with plenty of plain steamed rice on the side. Tip: hav…

Thai Coconut Curry Mussels (Easy!)
These Thai Mussels make a beautiful gourmet-style dinner, and they're easy to make too! The curry sauce is created right in the pan, so you don't need to bother with curry paste or even a food processor. If your mussels are already clean and ready to go, this dish can literally be on your table in just minutes. The spice level can be...

Thai Coconut Fish
If you're a fish fan, you'll love Thai Coconut Fish! This dish requires a little extra time for prep, but the actual cooking is very fast and easy. Any type of white-fleshed fish fillet or steak may be used, including halibut, snapper, talapia, basa, cod, sole, etc... The main feature of this dish is the topping, which is authentic Thai at...

Thai Basil Shrimp Stir-Fry
This Thai Basil Shrimp is simple to make and will please anyone who is partial to Thai flavors. The dish comes together quickly and easily in the wok, and the stir-frying method keeps both the juiciness of the shrimp as well as the sweetness of the peppers in the dish, not to mention all of those wonderful nutrients! Have plenty of fresh...

Thai Sesame Salmon (Baked or Grilled!)
This beautiful Thai sesame salmon recipe is simple to make and wonderful to serve. And it is equally delicious baked in the oven or grilled (instructions for both methods in recipe). The sesame marinade is what makes this fish dish sing, and it's wonderful spooned over rice too or even potatoes depending what side dish you've chosen - it's even delicious over salad if you want to serve it that way and save a few calories. What I've found too is that the marinade works with other types of fish as well, and the cooking times are the same. Makes a perfect dish for any time of year, and in summer it can be grilled up outdoors for a fresh fish treat. ENJOY!

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