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Best Grilled Salmon Recipes from the Thai Kitchen!

Great Grilled/BBQ Salmon


For the freshest, most flavorful salmon, try these Thai Grilled Salmon Recipes! The pungent flavors of Thai cuisine marry extremely well with the rich taste of salmon. And these recipes are good for you too - low in fat and calories, but very high in taste. Give one a try!

1. Easy Grilled Salmon with No-Cook Coconut Sambal

Easy & Delicious Thai Grilled Salmon
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This simple recipe for grilled salmon is easy to make and tastes truly heavenly. The special Thai marinade is a perfect match for the richness of salmon, enhancing and bringing out all of its naturally succulent taste. This recipe will show you how to cook salmon easily and quickly, and includes lots of cooking tips to help you get your salmon just right.

2. Grilled Thai Salmon with Flavorful Side Sauce

Thai Grilled Salmon
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This Thai Grilled Salmon features a wonderful blend of the 'four big Thai tastes': spicy, salty, sweet and sour. Made with fresh herbs and spices, this salmon simply sings with flavor while never overwelmoing the naturally delicious flavor of the fish.  Give this new recipe a try!

3. Grilled Salmon with Thai Lemongrass-Coconut Sauce

Lemongrass Grilled Salmon
This Grilled Salmon with Thai Lemongrass-Coconut Sauce is just perfect for fresh salmon steaks or fillets (you can use previously frozen salmon as well). The sauce can be made in minutes and is a delightful mingling of sweet, sour, and spicy. All these flavors come together for a salmon-perfect combination. Love it!

4. Grilled Salmon in a Thai BBQ Sauce

Grilled Salmon in a Thai BBQ Sauce
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This grilled salmon recipe is made with a special Thai BBQ sauce. The sauce is what makes this dish come alive, enhancing but never overpowering the wonderful flavor of the salmon. Give it a try!

5. Thai-spiced Grilled (or Pan-Fried) Salmon with Asparagus

Thai-spiced Salmon with Asparagus
This salmon recipe starts with a sweet honey-lemongrass-ginger marinade. The salmon is then grilled (or pan-fried if weather doesn't cooperate). Served with plenty of Thai sticky rice or Japanese sushi rice, this salmon dish looks elegant and tastes even better. Add it to your menu this week, either for your family (even kids love it!).

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