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Easy Thai Green Mango Salad


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Peel the Mangoes.
Easy Thai Green Mango Salad

Peeling the Mangoes

For a 1-page, printable version of this recipe, go to: Green Mango Salad - condensed recipe.

You will need 2 green mangoes for this recipe.

Green Mango Tips: The green mangoes should be green on the outside (with bits of red) and light orange on the outside (note that this picture has been enhanced, so the mango apprears more ripe than it actually is).

The green mango should be very firm, or just slightly indent-able with your thumb. They should not be soft/ripe, or you will not be able to grate them properly.

Using a sharp serrated knife, remove the peel from 2 green mangoes.

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Easy Thai Green Mango Salad
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