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Best Spring Roll Recipes!


Try these best-of-the-best spring rolls recipes! From classic spring rolls to fresh rolls, including vegetarian spring rolls and gluten-free fresh rolls - it's all here. And if you aren't sure how to roll spring roll wrappers, here you'll find pictures with step-by-step instructions. These spring roll recipes are as good or better than the spring rolls you've had at restaurants, plus they're fresher and healthier too. ENJOY!

1. Classic Spring Rolls (Vegetarian, or with Shrimp)

Spring rolls
Sheri L Giblin/Taxi/Getty Images
This Thai spring roll recipe can be made vegetarian with tofu, or with baby shrimp if you prefer. Brimming with vegetables and lots of flavor, these spring rolls make a great appetizer or party food. And they're surprisingly easy to make. Get some help from your children or guests with the rolling, and you'll be enjoying these spring rolls in no time!

2. Fresh Spring Rolls (Gluten-Free with Vegetarian Options)

Fresh Spring Rolls
Learn how to make these beautiful fresh rolls. Fresh rolls are just that - fresh! They aren't deep-fried, but are rolled with gluten-free rice wrappers. This easy Thai recipe is quick to put together, and can also be made vegetarian. Makes a great finger food for parties and potlucks, or serve Thai fresh rolls as part of a main course (perfect with a Thai salad!). As a bonus, these fresh rolls are very healthy - low in both calories and fat. ENJOY!

3. Crunchy Egg Rolls (Vegetarian)

Crunchy Egg Rolls
This egg roll recipe is crunchy-munchy delicious and super-easy to make! The egg roll filling is made up of lots of crisp vegetables plus a little egg, making this recipe a great choice for vegetarian food fans (vegan instructions also included). Get your friends or family to help with rolling them up - it's fun to do. But even if you're making them solo, you'll find these egg rolls quick and easy to make. Excellent as an appetizer or as part of a complete meal - just pair with a Thai salad or noodle dish and ENJOY!

4. Summer Rolls (Gluten-free)

Summer Rolls
Unlike spring rolls, summer rolls are not deep-fried - they're fresh and crisp like summer itself, plus rich in flavor and texture. Thai Summer Rolls are a meal unto themselves, including adequate servings of protein, carbs, and greens (vegetarian instructions included). But they also make an excellent appetizer (see recipe). So why not try this easy recipe and taste the freshness of summer all rolled up in one neat little package?!

5. Warm Fresh Rolls (Vegetarian, or with Beef)

Warm Fresh Rolls (with dipping sauces)
For a great appetizer or as part of a main course, try this Thai fresh roll recipe. Unlike most fresh rolls, these contain a warm filling made with black bean and garlic sauce and strips of beef or vegetarian wheat gluten. This delicious recipe is so easy to make, you'll want to keep it close at hand, both for everyday as well as special occasions.

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