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Vegetarian Thai Food

Vegetarian Thai cooking that is authentic and delicious. These Thai vegetarian recipes have been especially chosen or developed with the discriminating vegetarian in mind. Try these real vegetarian thai recipes for all the taste, flavor, texture, and fragrance of authentic Thai food.

Best Vegetarian Thai Recipes - all in one place!
Vegetarianism is a growing trend in Thailand, and these dishes reveal just how tasty vegetarian Thai food can be. Included are many Vegan dishes, as well as gluten-free meals. These recipes are brimming with Thai taste and are also nutritionally balanced. Enjoy a real vegetarian Thai meal at home tonight!

Beautiful Vegan Thai Recipes
Vegans unite! Vegetarianism is a growing trend in Thailand, and these dishes reveal just how tasty vegan Thai food can be. Included are many dishes which are also gluten-free, so no one has to miss out. These recipes are brimming with Thai taste and are also nutritionally balanced. Enjoy a real vegan Thai meal at home tonight!

Vegetarian Thai Green Curry (Vegan)
This is an authentic vegetarian Thai Green Curry recipe that's simple to make from scratch (no packaged curry paste required). This Green Curry tastes like a green curry should - very fresh and zinging with taste! Includes tofu or chickpeas (your choice) for protein, plus lots of healthy vegetables for an excellent vegetarian or vegan curry...

Coconut Brown Rice Recipe
If you're looking for a delicious brown rice recipe, try this wonderful Coconut Brown Rice recipe! Coconut rice is a favorite side dish that works well with a number of different mains, including Thai and Indian as well as Western dishes. Normally brown rice tastes a bit too "grainy" for some people. My husband used to be one of those people until he tried this recipe. I hope you like it as much as we do!

Thai Tofu Vegetable Stir-Fry (Vegan/gluten free)
This Thai Tofu Vegetable Stir-Fry is easy to make and brimming with flavor! The stir-fry sauce is what makes this dish sing - a combination of coconut milk, soy sauce, lime, and chili. The recipe is also quite flexible, allowing you to add your own choice of vegetables depending on what you have on hand, or what is readily available where you...

Easy Stir-Fried Chinese Broccoli
This Chinese Broccoli recipe is so simple and delicious! In Thailand, vegetable stir-fries tend to be Chinese in origin (Chinese cooking is a huge influence). If you can't find Chinese broccoli, broccoli rabe (rapini) is a close relative that may be easier to come by. Our own western-style broccoli works too.

Crunchy & Spicy Roasted Green Peas
These scrumptious roasted peas make a wonderful party food, and they're very easy to make! The result are nut-like green peas which are spicy and fun to munch on - especially good with beer or a cocktail. Similar to wasabi roasted peas, this Thai-spiced version will delight the palatte and satisfy all your strongest munchy cravings! As a bonus, they can be stored in a container for weeks without losing any of their flavor or crunchiness. ENJOY!

Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes (Vegetarian/Vegan, plus Gluten an…
These Vegetarian Thanksgiving Day recipes from the Thai kitchen are delicious and beautiful to serve. Thai cuisine offers an abundance of color in every dish that naturally compliments the colors of autumn.

Thai Pumpkin Coconut Soup (Vegan/gluten-free)
In Thailand, pumpkin and coconut milk are commonly paired up to make a variety of soups, curries, and even sweet dishes. Here they are combined with a lightly curried soup that makes for a wonderful vegetarian/vegan entree - similar to those served at your favorite Thai restaurant.

Best Vegetarian Stir-Fry (Vegan)
This vegetarian/vegan stir-fry sings with so much flavor, you'll forget all about its amazing health benefits. Using a good stir-fry sauce one of the keys to creating a great veggie stir-fry; the other is in the stir-frying - knowing when to add what. At the same time, this recipe is pretty forgiving - you can add your own choice of vegetables,...

Easy Vegetarian Thai Yellow Curry (Vegan/gluten-free!)
This Vegetarian Thai Yellow Curry is authentic, homemade vegan Thai food at its best! You'll love the homemade Thai yellow curry paste, which you'll find much fresher and tastier than the store-bought variety. I could have used curry powder (to create a shorter ingredients list), but I think you'll agree that adding the individual spices makes...

Vegetarian Thai Green Curry (Vegan/Gluten-free)
The reason this vegetarian/vegan curry tastes so amazing is because it's created entirely from scratch, yet it's very easy to make. Store-bought curry pastes simply cannot match the fresh-tasting results of homemade, and I think once you try making it you may never use such products again (much healthier too - no preservatives or fillers of any...

Thai Tofu Noodle Soup with Lemongrass - Voted Best Vegetarian Soup!
This comforting soup recipe is a great natural remedy if you're suffering from a cold or flu bug - or simply want to warm up on a cold day. It's also a good way to get your greens, with broccoli, Chinese cabbage, carrots, and fresh basil added to a mound of thin gluten free Thai rice noodles.

Vegetarian Thai Satay (Vegan)
Vegetarian and vegan satay can be as delicious as regular satay, but there's a secret to good vegetarian satay: it's all in the marinade. My satay marinade comes direct from the Southeast-Asian cooks in my husband's family (Thai and Malaysian), passed down from one generation to another. So if you've been disappointed with other veggie satay...

Thai Waterfall Eggplant Salad (Nam Tok)
Nam Tok is a traditional Thai dish from the Northeastern part of the country. Although it's usually made with beef, this vegetarian version is just as delicious and so satisfying. I always think of Nam Tok as a Thai version of our grilled chicken salad, with both hot (cooked) and cold (fresh) in the same dish. Roasted rice is traditionally...

Thai Mushroom Fried Rice (Vegetarian)
Mushrooms and rice go together beautifully in this recipe for Thai fried rice (vegetarian). Includes other vegetables too, like peas and yellow pepper, for a rice dish that sings with flavor and freshness. A cinch to make too!

Vegetarian Tom Yum Soup
Try my vegetarian Tom Yum Goong with coconut milk (Tom Kha) - the most popular soup in Thailand. This vegetarian version is just as good, if not better, than the original! Great if you are fighting a cold or flu or are in need of an energy boost. This vegetarian Tom Yum recipe is restaurant quality that you can easily make at home. ENJOY!

Thai Harvest Vegetable Curry (Vegan)
This vegetable curry is so delicious plus simple to make owing to the fact that there's no curry paste to make beforehand; instead, everything is added to the pot as you go. Pumpkin or squash may be used in this delectable Thai dish, and sweet potato adds that touch of sweetness which is so wonderful with a yellow curry. Makes a superb fall dish when all the fresh pumpkins and squashes are coming into season, but equally lovely in the winter when we can all use a little curry warmth. ENJOY!

Thai Spring Rolls (vegetarian)
This Thai spring roll recipe is brimming with vegetables and lots of flavor. These spring rolls make a great appetizer or party food. And they're surprisingly easy to make. Get some help from your children or guests with the rolling, and you'll be enjoying these spring rolls in no time.

Pumpkin Curry with Citrus Notes - Voted best Vegan Curry!
This dish offers the bright colours of autumn - orange, yellow, and red - together in a curry infused with citrus accents. You'll love the unique taste of this dish, as well as its healthy combination of vegetables. Add chick peas as a protein source, then finish the dish with a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds and nasturium flowers for a gourmet...

Thai Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Curry
This Pumpkin Sweet Potato Curry is beautiful to serve and very delicious. Makes a flavorful side dish, but is also a meal unto itself. Chickpeas can be added as a additional protein source, making this a perfect main course for vegetarians/vegans. The curry sauce is easily made from scatch, so it's both fresh-tasting and very healthy. And...

Real Vegetarian Pad Thai Noodles!
An authentic Pad Thai recipe for real vegetarian Thai food lovers, or those who want a lighter noodle dish without the meat. This Pad Thai recipe offers adequate protein in the form of eggs (vegans can omit this ingredient), and nuts. Plus, because it's made with rice noodles, this Pad Thai is a gluten free recipe.

Classic Thai Pineapple Fried Rice (Vegetarian)
A vegetarian variation of the classic Thai Heavenly Pineapple Fried Rice. This dish really is heavenly and great for a party or potluck!

Thai Corn Fritters Appetizer
This scrumptious recipe for corn fritters is a real treat, and it's also vegetarian and gluten free! An easy treat that is terrific as an appetizer, snack, or finger food for a party. For a dip, I like them with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce, which now seems to be available in most grocery stores - look for it in the Asian section. Enjoy!

Thai Lettuce Wraps
This Thai recipe for lettuce wraps is quick and easy to make. It's also a fun dish to eat, either as an appetizer or as part of a main course. Serve the filling on a platter with whole iceburg lettuce leaves on the side, and let your friends and family wrap their own.

Easy Thai Grilled Eggplant (Vegan)
Eggplant is delicious on the grill, and this recipe makes it even more delicious with the use of a Thai-inspired marinade. Grilling is an age-old tradition in Thailand, with amazing marinade concoctions that make for taste-inspiring meals - and this eggplant is no exception. You'll love its spicy-sweet flavor - makes a superb addition to any meal. Vegetarian and vegans can also add tofu into the mix for a complete meal that's wonderful served with rice. Happy grilling!

Vegetarian Steamed Dumplings with Shiitake Mushrooms and Ginger
Try these Thai Vegetarian Dumplings made with a delicious shiitake mushroom-tofu-ginger filling. My husband and his daughter couldn't believe these dumplings were vegetarian - they tasted so much like the dumplings he orders at his favorite Chinese dim sum place! The dumpling filling is quickly made, then just wrap and steam. Serve with soy and/or chili sauce (or other optional sauces listed), and ENJOY!

Best Tofu Recipes from the Thai Kitchen!
Who said tofu has to be boring? These tofu recipes from the Thai kitchen are taste-bud tantalizing. Great for vegetarians and vegans, find recipes for everything from fried tofu to tofu soup, noodles and appetizers with tofu, and great main course dishes. As a bonus, many of these recipes are also gluten-free. ENJOY!

Easy Thai Squash Soup (Vegetarian/Vegan-friendly!)
Squash makes for incredible soups and although I've tried lots of recipes, this Thai version is my absolute favorite. It's also surprisingly easy to put together, and can easily be made vegetarian. You can either serve it Thai-style - with the squash in small chunks - or blend it up into a smooth, gourmet-style soup elixir (that's what my...

Thai Vegetable Egg Rolls
This egg roll recipe is crunchy-munchie delicious, plus fun and easy to make! The egg roll filling is made up of lots of crisp vegetables plus a little egg, which makes them healthier plus a great choice for vegetarian Thai food fans (vegan instructions also included)! Excellent as an appetizer or as part of a complete meal - just pair these...

Vegetarian Thai Green Curry Recipe
An authentic Thai Green Curry Recipe for the vegetarian palate. All the authentic trimmings - lemongrass, coriander seeds, green chillies, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, coconut milk - without the meat, but with meat substitutes. This recipe is vegan, and you can also choose to make it gluten-free. Any way you cook it, this is such a tasty meal,...

Easy Thai Fusion Rice Noodles (Vegan/Gluten-free!)
This Thai fusion noodle recipe is easy, plus healthy and wonderfully delicious! It starts with an easy Thai-style basil pesto sauce which is then briefly fried up with the rice noodles. Add a topping of ground cashews plus a little fresh basil, and you have a noodle dish that will satisfy your strongest noodle cravings.

Baked Sweet Potatoes and Yams, Thai-style
This baked sweet potato recipe is super-easy to make and so delicious. You can either make it with sweet potato alone, or with other types of root vegetables. I've included Asian purple yams, but you can substitute regular yams and/or carrots. Just toss with a little oil and a few spices and pop in the oven for 45 minutes. This baked sweet potato recipe is just so easy, and so good. Makes a perfect side dish anytime!

Quick & Easy Curried Chickpeas
Beans are a common vegetarian food in many parts of Thailand, and this easy recipe for Curried Chickpeas is definitely one of my personal favorites. I love this dish so much that I sometimes just eat it on its own for lunch (with or without rice). Also makes a great side dish or main course for dinner. Chickpeas are full of protein and nutrients, including the B vitamins, which makes them an excellent meat substitute. Try these curried chickpeas - you'll love 'em!

Thai Tofu Coconut Curry (Vegan/Gluten-free)
This Thai Tofu Coconut Curry recipe is delicious, plus it's easy to make. Vegetarian curries tend to be rather bland and tasteless, but not this Thai curry! Made with tofu and lots of fresh vegetables, this dish is vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free - great for anyone who wants to eat something healthy and nutritious without sacrificing taste.

Delicious Fried Tofu (Gluten-Free)
This recipe will take you from the first step of buying tofu to making yummy fried tofu. Included is a recipe for Thai peanut dip which is an excellent accompaniment to freshly fried tofu. Or you can use your fried tofu to create other vegetarian thai food recipes (find links to these too!).

Warm Thai Fresh Rolls (Main Course)
For a great appetizer or as part of a main course, try this Thai fresh roll recipe. Unlike most fresh rolls, these contain a warm filling made with black bean and garlic sauce and strips of "beef" wheat gluten. Makes a superb vegetarian main course.

Bangkok-style Drunkard's Noodles
Fatigued and hungry revellers in Bangkok who seek a middle-of-the-night meal are given this spicy noodle dish (the chillies are meant to wake you up). But even milder versions are delicious, so if your spice-o-meter tends to stay near mild, not to worry - this dish is delicious with or without chilies.

Thai Summer Rolls
Unlike spring rolls, summer rolls are not deep-fried - they're fresh and crisp like summer itself, plus rich in flavor and texture. Thai Summer Rolls make an excellent appetizer or main course. So why not try this easy recipe and taste the freshness of summer all rolled up in one neat little package?!

Delicious Grilled Vegetables (Main Course or Side Dish)
This fantastic grilled vegetables recipe is all you need for a full meal (portobello mushrooms are a good source of protein), or you can serve these grilled vegetables as a delicious side dish. Features grilled porobello mushrooms, grilled red pepper, and grilled eggplant, all suffused in Thai spices. To add a final hit of flavor, toss in my no-cook Thai sauce and serve!

Thai Curried Noodles with Tofu
This curried noodle recipe is a condensed version of an ancient Thai noodle dish called "Kao Soy". Since it would take an hour or more to make the original recipe, I've simplified it somewhat while still maintaining that delicious original taste. You can use dried egg or wheat noodles for this dish - or splurge and pick up some fresh noodles at your local Asian food store or grocery store deli. ENJOY!

Thai Cucumber-Pineapple Salad with Red Pepper and Peanuts
This easy salad recipe is very gourmet tasting. In fact, it's so scrumptious that your guests will think you labored over it (though it takes only minutes to make). Simply toss some pineapple chunks (fresh or canned) with cucumber, green onion, slices of red pepper, and peanuts together with an easy homemade Thai salad dressing that tastes...

Easy Basil-sesame Noodles
These Thai inspired vegetarian noodles are quick and super easy to make. Start with fresh or dried rice or wheat/egg noodles (round Shanghai-type noodles work well). While the noodles are boiling, create my no-cook Thai-style pesto. Toss the noodles in the pesto, and voila, healthy and incredibly delicious noodles you'll want to make again and again!

Thai-style Potstickers
Thai potstickers are similar to dumplings, so called because they are fried and tend to stick to the bottom of the pot. But don't be decieved - this potsticker recipe is super easy to make. Enjoy Thai potstickers as a snack, an appetizer, or with a salad as a meal unto itself. My family simply loves them.

Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Tofu
This easy stir-fried noodle dish starts with vermicelli rice noodles (very thin rice noodles also known "Rice Stick"). Added to the stir fry are shiitake mushrooms, red pepper, bean sprouts, and tofu. Add a special Thai sauce and you have a terrific noodle dish that's great for any occasion, from everyday meals to a party-worthy dish.

Jackfruit Curry with Bell Peppers, Cashews, and Lime Leaf
This Jackfruit Curry Recipe is exotically delicious, and makes for a fantastic vegetarian or vegan main dish. Green jackfruit (purchased frozen or canned) is remarkably similar to chicken in consistency, and is even referred to as "vegetable meat" in many parts of Southeast-Asia. In addition, jackfruit is very healthy, loaded with numerous vitamins and minerals, plus isoflavones, phytonutrients, and anti-oxidants. So why not try out this delicious jackfruit recipe?!

Easy Thai Green Mango Salad
This salad will blow you away with its tastebud-awakening flavors and mix of textures. In fact, this recipe is so delicious, you'll want to make it for your next party, cookout, or family get-together. And as a bonus, it's low in calories and fat. Make it as a side dish, or enjoy as a complete meal by adding deep-fried tofu.

Thai Green Papaya Salad
This salad is popular in most areas of Thailand, and when you taste it, you'll know why. The slightly tart flavor of the green papaya combines well with the spice of red chilli and the saltiness of vegetarian fish sauce, plus the sweetness of honey. It's a beautifully unique and flavor-filled recipe that is also easy to make, low-calorie, and...

Easy Brown Rice Vermicelli Noodles with Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms
Thailand is starting to export brown rice vermicelli noodles, so I thought I'd give them a try, and am very glad I did. This noodle recipe turns out fantastically light (not heavy like most brown noodles and pastas). Highly flavored and combined with shiitake mushrooms plus baby bok choy, this Thai noodle dish is a healthy low-fat treat when you find yourself craving noodles or pasta. And as a bonus, these noodles are very easy to make. Enjoy!

Coconut Pancakes
These coconut pancakes are great for brunch, or serve them for dessert with some vanilla ice cream/frozen yogurt (or other frozen dessert of your choice). Colorful and flavored with coconut, these pancakes are actually closer to crepes in thinness (and they're gluten free!).

Easy Saffron Rice Recipe
This easy recipe for saffron rice hails from the south of Thailand. Saffron rice makes dinner extra special, and is nearly as easy to make as regular rice. You needn't own a rice cooker to make this recipe either - it's boiled in a pot on the stove, but tastes every bite like steamed rice! And unlike most saffron rice recipes, this one is...

Rose Petal Salad
Unique and sensuous - that's the only way to describe this tantalizing Thai salad! Roses are one of the most delicious of edible flowers, and they make this dish especially beautiful, not to mention very gourmet. Strips of wheat gluten or seitan "chicken" provide adequate protein, while cucumber, spring onions, and fresh Thai herbs provide lots...

Thai Glass Noodles in a Savory Sauce (with Wheat Gluten)
Glass (or "cellophane") noodles are thin and as transparent as the name suggests. Healthier than wheat noodles, glass noodles are made from green beans, broad beans, and peas, which makes them gluten-free. Made with my savory sauce and "chicken" wheat gluten, these vegetarian noodles are truly irresistible!

Cashew Salad
This Thai cashew salad recipe is incredibly scrumptious - but you won't believe just how scrumptious until you try it for yourself! Whole cashews are combined with cucumber, carrot, red pepper and Thai herbs. This healthy combination is tossed in a very easy and fat free Thai dressing. Cashew salad can be made in just 15 minutes, but tastes truly gourmet! A great salad recipe to accompany any meal, but especially other Thai food favorites.

Thai Carrot Soup with Ginger and Lemongrass
This Thai version of carrot soup also includes the health benefits of ginger, garlic, and lemongrass. With its potent combination of vegetables, rice, and fresh Thai herbs and spices, this soup is an excellent remedy for a cold or flu. High in vitamins A and C plus calcium, it is also extremely delicious, and makes an elegant soup to serve...

Easy Stir-Fried Eggplant
This simple stir-fried eggplant recipe is aromatic and flavorful, and the generous amounts of fresh garlic make it extra healthy. A terrific side dish that can also be made vegetarian, it goes well with other Thai favorites. You can adjust the spice level, taking this dish anywhere from mild to red hot - according to your liking.

Hot and Sour Soup
Hot and Sour Soup is similar to Tom Yum Soup, but has a different flavor, plus it relies on egg instead of coconut milk to thicken it. The egg cooks in the soup, shredding into beautiful white "clouds". Includes lots of greens, plus your choice of chicken, seafood, or tofu/wheat gluten. A great soup whether you're fighting a cold or flu, or...

Vegetarian Sen Yai Noodles
Sen Yai noodles are broad, flat rice noodles - you'll find them in the deli section of your local grocery or Asian food store. With fresh, cancer-fighting ingredients like broccoli, cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, galangal (ginger), garlic, bean sprouts, basil and coriander, plus bite-size pieces of protein-packed wheat gluten, this easy noodle recipe provide a wide range of antioxidants, immune-boosting and energy-boosting power.

Easy Thai Stir-fried Vegetables
Making a "simple stir-fry" isn't always as simple as it might seem. Getting the sauce to taste just right is usually a challenge. But my Thai stir-fried vegetables is a no-fail recipe, mostly because the stir-fry sauce is made before beginning to fry the vegetables, allowing you to adjust the flavor according to your taste. Try it as a side...

Thai Yellow Vegetable Curry
This vegetable curry can be made as a side dish, or as the star player. Either way, this Thai yellow curry is super healthy with its homemade combination of fresh herbs and spices (no packaged curry paste used here), plus an array of vegetables such as bok choy, broccoli, snow peas, eggplant - or whatever greens happen to be in season where you live. So head out to the market, pick up some fresh veggies, and cook up this easy Thai yellow curry for a truly healthy and taste-sensational treat!

Quick and Easy Barbecued Vegetables, Thai Style
You won't believe how delicious vegetables can be until you try this fast and easy recipe for Thai-style BBQ Vegetables! Marinated in garlic, lime juice, and coriander, plain peppers and eggplant come alive with flavor and sweetness when grilled over the BBQ. Even your kids will want to eat their vegetables! You can also add cherry tomatoes and green bell peppers to the mix for even more variety and flavor.

Thai Fresh Rolls
Learn to cook Thai fresh rolls, an easy snack for parties, and potlucks. Also makes a nice appetizer, snack food, or make them for dinner - just add a Thai salad on the side for a complete meal. A healthy low-fat, low-calorie, gluten-free recipe!

Tropical Thai Fruit Salad - Served in a Pineapple
This fruit salad will be a big hit - especially when served in a pineapple "boat" (a carved out pineapple). Choose your own assortment of tropical and local fruit - whatever is fresh and in season for a fresh fruit feast! Makes a terrific addition to a potluck, BBQ, or dinner party. Carving instructions for the pineapple are included with the recipe - just follow the steps (with pictures).

Vegetarian Thai Cucumber Salad (Vegan)
For a delicious vegetarian/vegan Thai salad, try this easy recipe for Thai Cucumber Salad. This salad achieves all the flavor and taste of non-vegetarian Cucumber Salad without resorting to fish sauce or shrimp paste. For this recipe you'll need to scout out a bottle of Golden Mountain Sauce, available at any reputable Asian or Chinese food...

Thai Tempura (Main Course or Appetizer)
This Thai version of tempura is called "Hoi Tot" in Thailand, and is made two ways: either fried like a pancake, or deep-fried like Japanese Tempura (as in this recipe). Crispy and super-yummy, this vegetarian tempura recipe will leave you craving more. Cook it up as an appetizer, brunch or side dish, or as the main event - just pair with a Thai salad for a complete meal.

Authentic Thai Tofu Satay (with Real Peanut Sauce)
Try this yummy Thai Tofu Satay for a vegetarian/vegan main course dish that's incredibly delicious plus nutritionally complete. Thai flavorings work well with tofu, giving it miles more taste than most other cuisines. The satay marinade for this recipe has been handed down through my husband's family for generations, going all the way back to...

Vegetarian Peanut Nooldes (Vegan/Gluten-free)
Thai Peanut Noodles are made with real peanuts instead of peanut butter - and you'll taste the difference! This vegan dish offers a feast of...

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